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Unified Communications Expanding Social Networking

April 03, 2015 by

Whether it's our unending need to share details about our life or rampant FOMO ("fear of missing out"), we're constantly posting on social media. It used to be simple...a photo here, a status update there. However, it also used to be a lot more work since different websites had different features. Now our favorite social networking sites have expanded to appeal to more current and future users.

Tweet, Tweet

You used to only be able to post 140 characters on Twitter. Each tweet had to be carefully planned out to get the most out of so little. Since its creation in 2006, the site has expanded to a phone app, which allows you to not only create text-based messages, but take photos and videos. In a recent update, users can now make and edit videos right on their phones, CIO Today explained. It combines the creation, editing and sharing processes all on one platform, making communication that much simpler.

Group Chat

The most popular social networking site has now expanded its business communications solutions. Facebook at Work takes everything you love about the regular site and configures it as a company platform. Users can collaborate, create groups and events, chat and edit their profile pages, all separate from their personal ones, Facebook said on its website. Even if you're just using the social media platform for yourself, you can share your thoughts and photos, talk with friends and have discussions in groups and messenger. Facebook ensures all its communication tools are easy and simple to use.

Just Hanging Out

Instant messaging, video conferencing, group pages - what more could you ask for? Google+ allows you to cater your social media to your needs. Collaborating has never been easier with circles and communities, where you can post, share pictures and discuss with your peers, according to its website. Google+ also uses a cloud service to store your photos. What makes all these services better is that you can bring them with you wherever you go with the platform's mobile app.

What a Hoot

With the various social media pages we have accounts on, it can be hard to keep track of them all. With Hootsuite, it's simple. The app combines all your pages into one location for easy access. From one page, you can both respond to consumers and create posts for any account - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. Hootsuite's website also uses communications analytics to let you know how well your pages are doing. The platform provides collaboration solutions as well, allowing any social media managers to communicate with one another and share posting responsibilities.

Today's society relies on social networking sites to not only share their thoughts, but to stay in touch with friends, coworkers and businesses they love. If you simplify the process by combining all tools under one platform, social media opens up the lines of communication between all users.

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