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Unified Communications Goes to the Dogs

April 01, 2015 by

April Fools' jokes aside, unified communications solutions are no longer just for people. With the release of smart collars, even animals have access to new technology. Features such as VoIP, recording, GPS tracking, and microphones ease pet owners' fears for their animals' safety. As long as they have access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, people are never apart from their pets.

Canine Communications

Through the use of VoIP, pet owners can now remain in constant contact with their animals. Smart collars come with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, which allows for audio conferencing between them and their dog, according to CNET. Owners will be able to hear the dog bark, as well as talk to it through the collar's built-in speaker. Some devices will also allow the microphone to detect other sounds in the animal's surroundings to determine the cause of the bark, described WUF's Kickstarter campaign.

Some smart collars also come equipped with video capabilities. A camera can come either built in or attached to the collar and allows owners to capture both video and pictures. They will be able to follow their pets in real-time as the animals roam around both outdoors and inside the house without even leaving the couch. All videos and alerts are sent directly to a cell phone. Smart collars come with cloud service so owners have access to their pets' information anytime and anywhere.

Geo-location Capability

Not only can owners see through their pets' eyes - they can also keep track of their precise locations through the smart collars' tracking function. A dog or cat's smart collar comes equipped with GPS tracking so they will know where their pets are going. Through geo-fencing technology, owners will be able to set up boundaries for their wandering animal and will be alerted via text message, email, or in-app notification, InformationWeek explained. Everything is accessible through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some collars will even allow owners to upload .gpx files to the cloud so they can view an aerial map of where their pet has been.

Through the mobile apps that are required with the collars, owners can connect with others and discover pet-friendly locations in nearby areas. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data allow users to get in contact with other pet owners and visit restaurants where animals are welcome, according to WUF.

Smart collars bring many of the features that people love about unified communications to the animal world. Pet owners can track, communicate, and film what their animals are doing and where. With this type of technology, there is never any fear of a lost pet. Smart collars allow owners to keep an eye on their best friends.

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