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Unified Communications Improve Relationships Inside, Outside Company

June 25, 2015 by

Communication is the key to success in any company. Employees need to be able to talk not only to each other, but to consumers and vendors, too. Without discussion, the system falls apart. Both internally and externally, companies need the means to stay in touch no matter their location, and unified communications solutions can provide the tools to accomplish that.

Internal Communications Improved

Horticultural supplies distributor BFG Supply has branches across the United States. In those 13 locations, there are 300 workers that need to stay in contact with one another. The company implemented UC solutions to ensure this happened. While employees had email and audio conferencing, they felt that those tools didn't provide them with the closeness the business craved, Rob Glockner, BFG's president and CEO, told Biztech.

"We felt a strong need to stay on top of the technology, and, as geographically dispersed as we are, we decided that business travel wasn't enough to keep us together," Glockner explained.

Large companies, like BFG, can utilize video conferencing to add a personal touch to communications. It allows them to see one another's facial expressions and hear the tones that accompany them. Since these big businesses are so widespread, communicating with remote workers can be tough. However, with UC, managers can monitor everyone's work and use presence to see who's available, according to CustomerThink. Instant messaging for business also gives employees the chance to talk with one another without any wait.

Establishing Relationships Externally

While employees should be able to talk openly and freely, they should also be able to communicate with those outside the company. This includes both consumers and vendors. BFG has video phones in all of its stores and offices. When customers need help with something specific, sales associates can put them in touch with experts via video conference. If certain specialists aren't available, they can use presence to put them in touch with the next best person, BizTech explained.

First-call resolution is important when it comes to customer service, CustomerThink said. When people have to call or be transferred several times, they aren't going to be happy with your company. UC solutions allow salespeople to find the right person immediately and put him or her in contact with the consumer. Video also allows customers to put a face to the person behind the help desk, which can create a more personal relationship.

UC does the same thing with vendors. With multiple locations, companies can have vendors in different areas. With video, potential suppliers can meet with all executive employees at once instead of having several meetings or talking at separate times. It provides businesses with more opportunities to introduce their higher-ups to other companies they want to work with.

"It shows that we are on top of the technology and are the kind of people they would want to do business with," Glockner explained to BizTech. "They really like that they can meet with the top people in the company all in one visit."

UC solutions provide businesses with the capability to communicate with vendors, customers, and other consumers instantaneously. This allows the workflow to be streamlined and develops better relationships between everyone.

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