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Unified Communications: Jurassic Park Edition

March 06, 2015 by

When John Hammond first revealed his plans for a theme park called Jurassic Park, it seemed like a great idea. T-rexes! Velociraptors! Those frilled spitting dinosaurs! All living and observable in a family-friendly environment.

In hindsight, though, it's clear that Hammond and his colleagues overlooked a number of key issues. The biggest omission? The lack of high-quality unified communications solutions for all staff and visitors. If these tools had been readily available, the story would have turned out very differently.

Where Are My Grandchildren?! Oh, They're in a Tree

The park... did not get off to a great start. Dennis Nedry deactivated the security system, and consequently the T-rex escaped and attacked the convoy. The lawyer was eaten, Ian Malcolm was injured, and Hammond did not know what had become of or Allan Grant - or his grandchildren.

"Would you be good enough to take a gas Jeep, and bring back my grandchildren," he says to Muldoon.

Muldoon responds that he would gladly, but he has no idea where they are. The children and Grant could be anywhere. Hammond sighs.

"Has anyone checked their presence statuses?" asks Ellie Sattler.

As it turned out, no one had. Hammond opens up his UC solution and sees that Dr. Grant updated his status not long ago: "Grant: In a big tree, near the Brachiosaurus. Catching some zzzz's. See everyone tomorrow? (I hope)"

The grandchildren had also updated their presence statuses: "Lex: With Grant" and "Tim: With Grant!!!"

"I think you should head toward the Brachiosaurus," says Hammond.

Password Please

Nedry is making a daring escape.

He deactivated the Park's security so he could steal dinosaur embryos and sell them to Hammond's competition for a huge profit. Now, he's driving in a jeep through a raging storm, desperate to make it to the docks before his ship departs. He's not really thinking about the potential damage his actions may have wrought at this point.

Then his phone emits an alert. He's receiving a request for a video conference from Hammond. Against his better judgment, he parks the car and answers.

"Um, hello?" he says.

"Dennis, this is John Hammond. I am not calling you because you have stolen my embryos. At this moment, I am not concerned with your theft. All I'm concerned about is the safety of my grandchildren."

"They're not with me," says Dennis.

"I know you don't. They're in the park, where the T-rex and the velociraptors are running loose. According to Mr. Arnold, we can't get Jurassic Park back online without your help. Without your password. You've already made good your escape. Will you please give us the password so we can reactivate the security and save my grandchildren?"

Nedry hesitates. He knows he should ignore Hammond and keep going. But thanks to the video, he can see the pain in Hammond's eyes, and he understands the consequences of what he's done. A phone call wouldn't have swayed him, but a video conference does. He reveals his password.

A few minutes later, he crashes and is eaten by a Dilophosaurus. UC may not have saved his life, but it certainly helped redeem him.

Quiet, Please

Lex and Tim are in the kitchen. So are a couple raptors.

The kids have walkie-talkies, but they can't use them - the raptors will hear. Fortunately, Lex remembers that she has UC on her mobile device. She initiates a live chat session with Grant.

Lex: Grant! Help! We're in the kitchen! So are raptors! Grant: Can you escape? Lex: No! Why do you think we need help?! Grant: Otw.

Grant arrives, along with Sattler, and they rescue the kids. So, similar to the original ending, but faster and more efficient. Just like UC.

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