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Unified Communications Mobilizes a Global Workforce

June 24, 2015 by

Unless you're a small business, staying local is no longer relevant. More than 70 percent of the world's consumers live outside of the United States, which means companies miss out on a large part of their audiences by not going global, according to the U.S. International Trade Administration. Yet, despite such a large number, less than 1 percent of the 30 million businesses in the U.S. have expanded outside the country. Unified communications solutions help American corporations reach consumers no matter where they are in the world.

A Growing UC Market

The global UCaaS market is expected to reach $61.9 billion by 2018, according to a report by Transparency Market Research. While the U.S. leads the pack, the rest of the world, particularly Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, aren't far behind. These regions are anticipated to increase their UCaaS spending by a compound annual growth rate of 21 percent from 2012 to 2018.

ThinkingPhones realized the potential of reaching a global audience and expanded well outside of the U.S. The company recently opened its doors to Paris and Copenhagen, and plans to continue development into other European regions and Asia. ThinkingPhones already has locations in Boston, Ottawa, Amsterdam, and London.

"We recognize the increasing global demand for cloud communications, and this move reiterates ThinkingPhones' commitment to expanding our service delivery capabilities," said Steve Kokinos, founder and CEO of the company.

Small- to medium-sized businesses can especially benefit from the expansion of global UC, The Wall Street Journal explained. UC solutions offer inexpensive tools that keep SMBs in line with their competitors. While the system may cost a little more initially, it balances out over time to save money. SMBs have access to the same consumer base without having to add employees or programs.

The Necessary Tools for International Business

Whether you're trying to get in contact with other branches or providing customer service to your global customers, you need the appropriate tools. UC solutions offer everything a business could need to go international.

A cloud service allows employees to easily access any file from anywhere. They could be in the main office, the coffee shop down the street, or overseas. All they need is the cloud's link, and your remote workforce has the same ability to open documents as your on-site employees, WSJ explained. Another added benefit is this solution won't cost much money. You can buy only the space you need and upgrade if necessary.

Of course, with a global workforce, the communication aspect of UC is the most important part of your system. You'll be able to combine real-time services with less timely methods. Email and instant messaging for business offer text options while VoIP, telecommunications, and audio conferencing provide immediate contact with call options. These tools, particularly video conferencing, offer companies across the globe the tools they need to stay in touch without needing to be on-location.  You won't have to travel to check in with your other branches. Instead, you can have a face-to-face conversation through telecommunications software, which has reduced travel costs by 30 percent for businesses that use the technology.

To stay ahead of their competitors, corporations need to use every tool at their disposal to reach more consumers. UC can fulfill those needs.

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