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Cloud-Based Communications: Upcoming Webinar Highlights Flexibility & Productivity in Today's Digital Workplace

In today’s connected world, it’s more important than ever for companies to understand that the modern workforce is evolving — and adjust their policies and communications tools accordingly. Taking a unified approach to both communications and collaboration — including calling, meetings, and chat — has been proven to increase both productivity and worker engagement in the modern digital workforce. 

According to our 2019 Future of Work study, 83% of workers say they don’t need to be in an office to be productive, and 43% say they would be more productive working from home. By better understanding what current and future employees need to succeed in the digital workforce, as well as how unified communications technologies can ultimately drive better business decisions, organizations can effectively lower spend while continuing to scale at the speed and growth of their business. 

Enterprises can take advantage of new tools and approaches to achieve huge productivity gains and ultimately drive down the cost of communications. In our upcoming webinar on October 16, learn more about how:

  • Industry thought leaders like Tim Banting (Principal Analyst, Ovum) and Eric Krapf (Publisher, No Jitter) are witnessing the increasingly digital workforce in their roles.  

  • The increasingly distributed and remote workforce influences employee productivity. 

  • Effective communications systems can create value in helping teams stay connected and productive. 

  • To apply best practices that promote technology adoption with your organization and reduce risk. 

  • To use communications data and analytics for productivity gains. 

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Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli is the Content Strategist at Fuze, and is primarily responsible for contributing to the global content marketing strategy by creating and managing engaging content across various channels. 

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