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Upcoming Webinar Tackles the Challenge of Unified Communications Adoption

As quickly as technology is changing, the delivery of cloud services is evolving as well. It’s no longer just about deploying a solution and moving on to the next priority. The delivery of cloud services is about people, processes, and the change management needed to accelerate the value of your investment. This is why it is crucial to have a defined onboarding and adoption plan so that you can address any concerns and create a positive response to change. 

CIOs can buy the most innovative technology on the market and advocate for digital transformation all they want, but if their employees fail to use it, the benefit of the investment is lost entirely. Join this webinar to learn more about how to break the ‘business as usual’ cycle of technology onboarding, drive adoption throughout your organization, and become an adoption rockstar.

In our upcoming webinar, "How to Become a UC Adoption Rockstar", attendees will learn:  

  • Industry insights and unified communications expertise from Elka Popova (VP of Research, Frost & Sullivan) & Dean Holmes (Product Strategist, Fuze). 

  • Best practices for enforcing adoption of communication technology across the modern digital workforce. 

  • How unified communications solutions provide more value than siloed, individual communications tools. 

  • How communications data can be powerfully leveraged to better understand user behavior and areas for improvement when driving company-wide adoption. 

Register for the November 13 webinar today. 


Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli is the Content Strategist at Fuze, and is primarily responsible for contributing to the global content marketing strategy by creating and managing engaging content across various channels. 

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