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Upgrade Your Contact Center with the Cloud

November 10, 2014 by

Customer service can make or break a company. If an organization doesn't do everything in its power to optimize the customer experience, than pretty soon it won't have any customers to worry about.

This makes the contact center an absolutely integral component of countless businesses. The contact center is the customer service HQ, the base of operations for all client support. It needs to be a priority.

And as is the case with many business operations, the contact center can be significantly improved with a move into the cloud. Cloud-based contact centers can deliver superior service, greater cost-efficiency, and numerous other benefits. For many firms, the time to upgrade is now.

The Cloud Advantage

A cloud-based contact center offers all of the advantages of cloud-based unified communications, and more.

For starters, there is the question of cost. With the cloud, a company only pays for the services it uses, as it uses them. In a contact center environment, this delivers maximum resource utilization - businesses can ensure support agents have access to all of the tools they need without worrying about over- or under-investing in communications tools. Initial CAPEX goes down tremendously, as there's no need for expensive on-premise servers and other hardware.

A cloud-based contact center also allows managers to gain a complete, accurate view of which communication channels agents are using when engaging with customers. With real-time views of queues and advanced analytics insight, a decision-maker may realize customers tend to prefer live chat over email, for example. The manager can then make training and resourcing that take this information into account.

Improved Customer Experience

Most important of all, though, is the potential improvement for the customer experience. By leveraging a cloud-based UC platform in the contact center, agents can easily switch between channels as needed, choosing the ideal medium for every individual customer. Maybe a video conference is the right choice for one, but a simple phone call is best for another. The flexibility of a cloud-based contact center offers the opportunity to act upon these preferences. And customers in every industry greatly appreciate those companies that can deliver service via their channel of choice.

Conversely, many customers will resent a firm that forces them to rely on a less-than-ideal medium. If that's the case, customer satisfaction ratings will plummet.

Location Independence

Finally, there's the issue of resilience. Because it's not premise-based, a cloud contact center is location independent. If a natural disaster or other calamity occurs, the company can simply relocate its contact center to a new base of operations, all without losing any service capabilities. There's no disruption to customer service, and that counts for a lot when it comes to satisfying customers.

With all these advantages, it's no surprise that so many companies are moving their contact centers into the cloud.

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