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How VenturePact is using Fuze to improve communications and build a global network

September 10, 2014 by

Interview with Arianna O'Dell of VenturePact

VenturePact is an invite only marketplace for software services connecting companies with trusted development firms. To mitigate the concerns associated with a high risk project, our marketplace has pre-screened hundreds of software development firms offering extensive reviews and firm portfolios. A few of our favorite projects have been in the healthcare, education, finance, technology, and insurance industries. Our team is growing and we are very excited for the months to come.

Why did you choose Fuze?

What differentiates VenturePact is our global network of prescreened high quality software development firms spanning all around the globe. We partner with firms in all of the major tech regions including North America, Central and Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South and East Asia and Oceania.

To communicate with these firms we needed a software solution that was compatible across borders. That’s where Fuze came in.
randy pratham 3(1)
VenturePact Co-Founders Pratham Mittal and Randy Rayess

How do you use Fuze today? 

We use Fuze to communicate with our remote team and to communicate with clients. Our partner firms and clients are located in different time zones. Fuze bridges the gap, bringing everyone together in an easy to use interface.

How is Fuze making an impact? 

Fuze improves our remote communication, allowing us to communicate faster and better. We love the high definition video calling which differentiates Fuze from competitors. One feature we like is the ability to dial in from a landline if team members and clients are lacking a reliable wifi connection.

To learn more about how to communicate with partners and teams using Fuze, check out the Fuze Use Case Catalog.


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