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Video Conferencing: A Personal Touch From Far Away

July 28, 2014 by

One of the great things about video conferencing is its ability to foster and maintain relationships. There's a reason why Skype, Facetime, and similar apps have become so popular -- there's really no substitute for face-to-face contact. Sure, phone calls can get information across, but they just don't have that same degree of personal interaction. We are, in many ways, visual creatures.

Organizations are increasingly coming to appreciate the potential offered by these tools, investing in business-grade video conferencing solutions to help remote workers and traveling personnel keep in contact and engaged with the company. But relatively few firms have taken advantage of the fact that video conferencing can offer these same benefits when used in a business-to-business or business-to-customer capacity. With video conferencing, companies can deliver a personal touch to their clients, even from far away.

Case in Point

One great example of the potential of video conferencing for client relations can be found at the Texas-based law firm Brian Loncar & Associates, as highlighted on Founded in 1988 in Dallas, the firm has eight offices throughout the state of Texas and represents an average of 7,000 total clients each year.

Texas is a big state, as anyone from Texas will be quick to remind you. That makes face-to-face meetings with clients a pretty tall -- not to mention expensive -- order. It's not practical for an attorney to spend several hours a day, several days per week, traveling to clients. But the client's not going to want to make the trip either. Phone calls are obviously an option, but they feel so impersonal.

Enter Video Conferencing

"Technology has a way of bringing people together. It's really amazing. As long as the Internet connection you're using is protected, I see no real issue in the use of video conferencing," said a representative from Brian Loncar & Associates. "There's something intangible about being able to speak to someone face to face."

Video conferencing delivers almost all of the benefits of an in-person meeting at a minor fraction of the cost. An attorney -- or any other professional -- can meet with numerous clients in a given day, providing each with personalized, undivided attention, all without leaving the comfort of his office or home.

Video conferencing may not be right for every meeting. But in the vast majority of cases, it will meet all of a company's needs, along with those of its clients.

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