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How Fuze is Improving Campaign Management

October 01, 2014 by

As Fuze’s Customer Insights Director, I hear stories from our users every day about how video is changing the way work gets done. One of the most common stories I come across is video’s use in marketing departments. Because a marketing department interfaces with so many different teams inside and outside the organization, finding better ways to keep collaboration smooth and be in constant communication is at the top of their priority list.

By far the most significant impact when introducing video collaboration to a marketing team is the enhanced campaign management process.

Here's why:

Improve vendor communications

For our Marketing team at Fuze, we regularly use video meetings to collaborate on projects with outside parties. At the moment we are working through the logistics and candidate selection for the Engagement Experiment with David Zinger, an expert we have partnered with for the project. With David based in Canada, myself in New York and our Director of Communications in San Francisco, getting together on a regular basis does not mean in-person. Traditionally, working with outside agencies would mean regular telephone or conference calls or incurring travel costs. Having a video meeting allows us to have a stronger connection than telephone, capturing body language as well as voice, while allowing us the freedom to work from where we choose. I’ve taken meetings with this team from the back of a taxi in Soho to my Brooklyn backyard, all the while feeling connected to the team as we brainstorm and move fast.


See creative work in true form

Traditionally working with agencies to produce branding and associated imagery required an in-person visit or tangible mock-up to see how creative work would ultimately appear natively. With HD quality available, you have the ability to now manage image quality and see a campaign exactly as it’s going to appear when on television, online or in print. Dynamic content like images, animated presentations and videos can be viewed in real time with consistent quality.

Said one major global agency “I can put up a PDF of client’s work and the client is going to see the correct color, there is no bitmapping at all. You pull up this piece of branding and this piece of branding looks exactly like it’s going to look when you get it out in the field. For a branding company that’s gigantic.”

Meta Design Crea

Facilitate on-demand meetings, globally

Meta Design is a creative agency that specializes in brand design. An award-winning agency and global leader in brand strategy, including work for Coca-Cola and Volkswagen, Meta Design utilize Fuze daily to enable collaboration between teams and their clients. Teams can meet at the eleventh hour to review designs, feedback, campaign metrics and official crises communications on any device, no matter where they may be.

“It enables our designers and strategists to work in a more dynamic way,” said Alex Haldemann, CEO. By engaging their planning meetings through Fuze, brand strategists are able to directly capture more than just a conversation; they understand environment and emotional communication from their meetings, something that until recently was only achievable through an in-person meeting.

“Constant feedback is so important when you work internationally. Fuze helps you through the change management process with people working internationally together. For us, it’s one of the biggest challenges. You need more communication when working internationally. Fuze is a tool that permits you to do just that,” said Alex Haldemann, CEO

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From Sydney to San Francisco, marketing teams and creative work are spread across the globe. Video has enabled trust to be formed easily between clients and their teams, the ability to collaborate on images as they will appear natively, and meet at the eleventh hour, despite the distance between them.

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