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The Voice Heard ‘Round the World: Unlimited Calling in a Global Age

May 17, 2016 by Steve Dietz

“We live in an increasingly global world.” We hear that over and over, but what does it really mean? And how does it affect our daily routine?

As international commerce continues to expand, travel booms, and multinational companies hire more people in widely dispersed locations across continents, there is an ever-growing need for seamless communication between workers all around the planet. With capital chasing the most efficient way to realize investments regardless of geography, country lines are blurring. And so are communications technologies.

This is not a new phenomenon; but what we’ve seen (and heard) at Fuze is that companies are still adjusting to communicating across their global workforce. Also, even as companies seize the opportunity of a completely interconnected world, they continue to seek technology solutions with predictable costs to help manage the business of a distributed enterprise.

To enable companies to accelerate the growth of their ever-connected, global workforces, we’re rolling out our global unmetered calling product here at Fuze. No hassles. No stress. Here’s our manifesto:

  • We don’t discriminate by device. When it comes to our platform, we have all users in mind. Mac or PC? You decide. Making internal desktop dials or working from home on your laptop? Makes no difference. With Fuze’s unified platform, the experience will be seamless regardless.
  • 100+ countries at your fingertips. Need to dial India? No problem. Have a client in China? We’ve got you covered. When it comes to accessibility, we’re not holding back. We’ve got the world in our hands, and we’re sharing our network with you.
  • Hello, personalization. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. There are certain details you grow accustomed to when making domestic calls. Forget extensive codes, foreign transfers, confusing noises. Fuze’s platform is fully localized to where you do business so that you get the experience you expect when calling all around the world.
  • We’ve got a backbone. It’s our investment in sturdy global infrastructure that sets our global unlimited calling apart from the rest. Guten tag, German data centers. Ni hao, Hong Kong. G’day mate, Australia.  From Atlantic to Pacific, circumnavigating the globe, we’ve built a robust global infrastructure, so that where you are, so are we.
  • Skip the shock of cost by volume. As important as the quality and accessibility of technology is to successful global communication, it’s also important for companies to evaluate the costs to sustain such interaction. There’s nothing worse than sticker shock at the end of the month, when unanticipated activity creates spikes in calls outside of the country where a company is based. It’s even more prevalent for our European friends, where calling countries a stone’s throw away can rack up huge costs. With unmetered calling, we’ll take care of the guess work, so you can focus on accomplishing your best work – wherever, whenever.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what an incredible world we live in – where just about anybody can tap into talent, share ideas and transfer data across the world in the blink of an eye. By removing the barriers to global communications for the modern distributed workforce, and making cost-related fears a thing of the past, Fuze enables the day-to-day workflow of global companies; and that’s a pretty powerful thing.


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