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Voice Remains Critical to Enterprises

January 08, 2014 by

In many enterprises, the selection, deployment, and management of telephony systems has historically been outside the purview of the IT department. Increasingly, however, this pattern is changing. Yet many IT staffs continue to believe the telephone system should be separate from the data network and think its management falls outside of the IT domain.

Because of this, IT departments often fail to take a strategic approach to telephony system implementation. In such a case, buying decisions likely neither match business needs nor address the changing face of an increasingly global, mobile, visual, and social corporate workforce – areas in which cloud communications solutions excel.

In developing a cloud strategy that incorporates not only telephony but a range of communications applications and modalities, companies can significantly lower costs; eliminate multiple vendors and providers; refocus IT staff on other areas of the business; and allow employees to—regardless of location or device—easily connect to corporate resources.

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