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VoIP Offers Big Business Benefits

August 13, 2014 by

Is your company using VoIP solutions? If the answer is no, you're missing out. VoIP has experienced tremendous growth among businesses in the past few years, with firms in virtually every industry flocking to the technology.

And with good reason. As industry expert Jackson Weber recently highlighted for Voxilla, VoIP offers major benefits for businesses of all sizes.

New Capabilities

Obviously, communication is critical for businesses of every kind. If your employees can't communicate with your clients, partners, and one another, your firm isn't likely to last long.

VoIP enables companies to improve their communication across the board. The vast majority of VoIP offerings provide many more features than standard landline services. Key examples of these new capabilities include auto attendant, call forwarding options, find-me/follow me, hold music, waiting rooms, and simultaneous device ringing. These features, Weber explained, can make a business more organized and accessible to customers.

The Professional Sheen

One of the great benefits of implementing these and other VoIP features, according to Weber, is that they can make a business appear significantly more professional to consumers and decision makers.

This is particularly true for smaller businesses, which typically lack this degree of functionality and service. By deploying advanced VoIP tools, these organizations can demonstrate their commitment to customer service and staying up-to-date technologically. It's hard to imagine a less expensive way to impress potential consumers and partners, while simultaneously benefiting the small business itself.

Customer Care

But this advantage goes far beyond the cosmetic. By deploying VoIP tools, businesses of all sizes can also see their customer satisfaction results go way up. VoIP improves the customer experience in a number of ways, perhaps most notably by helping to connect the caller to the appropriate agent in as little time as possible. Weber also noted that some VoIP tools can inform callers of how long they will have to wait until the appropriate agent becomes available, and who that person will be.

All of these factors improve customer support, and therefore customer relations.

The Right VoIP

Of course, as Weber pointed out, every VoIP offering is unique. Business leaders need to be careful to choose the right solution for their specific needs.

To this end, decision makers must identify their priorities. What is the single most pressing area that needs improvement? What do your customers value the most when it comes to phone-based support? These determinations should guide leaders as they evaluate their VoIP options, as that is the only way to maximize the value and utility of the technology.

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