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Want an Efficiency Boost? Time for Presence

September 23, 2014 by

Is there anything more frustrating than inefficiency?

Well, yes, quite a few things. But inefficiency is still very, very annoying. It's a perennial pet peeve among business owners, office managers, and leaders of all kinds. Inefficiency is a drain on morale, on performance, on the organization as a whole.

That's why you need to look for unified communications solutions that can increase efficiency across the board.

Enter: presence. Presence solutions are a key component of any effective collaborations solutions package, and can go a long way toward improving your employees' efficiency. But to enjoy these benefits, you need to pick the right presence tool.

Presence for All So what is presence?

Presence is pretty simple. It's a means for colleagues to let everyone in the company know their current status. At the most basic level, this can just state whether the employee is available or busy. With most presence tools, though, colleagues can customize their status to provide more information - how long they will be busy, what they are doing, how to reach them in case of an emergency, and so on.

Despite its simplicity, presence's benefits can be pretty tremendous. Once the solution is up and running, every member of your company can tell at a glance how to best reach out to a given colleague. Tara's on the phone? Shoot her an email. Don's at his desk? Great, I'll swing by. Megan's out with the flu? Okay, guess I'll leave her alone. We'll get her a card later.

The amount of time saved here adds up quickly. No more calling a colleague, only to be put on hold. No more tracking down a coworker, just to find out that she's not in the office that day. No more waiting for an email response while your underling is away at lunch. Instead, everyone can choose the best time and channel to contact one another. And that optimizes your firm's collaborative efficiency.

Integration Matters So that all goes to show why presence solutions are invaluable. However, as stated before, you need to choose the best possible presence tool to maximize results.

To do so, you need to look for integration. You want presence to be fully integrated into whatever UC system you deploy for your company. That way, employees can see a colleague's status and then reach out to him or her through the best available channel, all through a single interface. A fully integrated UC system will feature one-click instant messaging as well as dialing for voice chat. These little shortcuts can further improve your firm's efficiency. A minute here, a minute there, and eventually your company's performance is noticeably better.

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