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Webinar Replay: Extending the Enterprise Through Video Conferencing

December 03, 2013 by

“The days of hardware-dependent conferencing systems are limited.” - Eric Hanson, FuzeBox head of product marketing.

Eric recently participated in the webinar, “Extending the enterprise through video conferencing.” The panel included GigaOm Pro research director, Cormac Foster, Techaisle CEO Anurag Agrawal and Collaborative Strategies managing director David Coleman, and discussed the opportunities and challenges of video enabling the enterprise. The crew examined the most cost-effective route to productivity and laid a framework for choosing the best tools and technologies to support these initiatives.

During the discussion, Anurag shared that 57% of businesses believe that video calling enables richer, more productive relations with colleagues, clients and suppliers. In light of this finding, the panel discussed the difference between enterprise and consumer video conferencing technology, as well as why video conferencing is an important part of building relationships and trust from a distance. The panel addressed the following topics:

· How BYOD and the distributed workforce have changed video conferencing. · What we can learn from individual and department-level shadow-IT videoconferencing installations. · Limitations of consumer-based ad hoc systems. · How businesses should determine their performance and management needs. · How enterprises can provide the greatest value to the greatest number of employees. · How to scope and measure return on investment. · How TCO (total cost of ownership) and productivity should be considered when comparing different types of solutions.

If you weren’t able to join the webinar, we’ve got you covered. Watch the Webinar below:

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