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What is your ideal office setting?

July 30, 2015 by

There is no one-size-fits-all workplace structure. The traditional in-office, 9-5 schedule is alive and well, but remote working is gaining more and more popularity. With today’s mobile devices and cloud-based applications, virtually everywhere can be your office, from your bedroom to the neighborhood cafe to a park.

Fun fact: Research firm IDC projects that nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total U.S. workforce will meet the definition of mobile worker by 2020.
The good news is that the “new workplace” is anywhere you want. You may prefer to be in a traditional or not-so-traditional office because you thrive on being able to work and connect with coworkers in person. Or, you may prefer to work from the cozy little home office set up in your kitchen, or you may constantly be on the road and have no office.

Today’s workplace is a flexible one. The question is, what is the right office setting for you? Take our quiz to find out. The result may surprise you.

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