Why Employee Engagement and Customer Focus Matter

November 26, 2018 by Adam Fuller

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“We want our support experience to be a differentiator for our company!”


I have lost track of the number of times I heard, and even said, this over the past 5-10 years. I still believe this, but I also believe that that view is merely a starting point. So, how do you actually achieve it?


Many companies go down the path of engineering every possible process that a customer may encounter when engaging with support. The upside of this journey mapping process is that customers learn what to expect when dealing with your company. Living in Boston, the equivalent to me are the ETA signs that are at many public transportation or T stops. If I take the Red Line, I’ll always know how long I’m waiting until my train arrives; I might not be happy with the length of the wait but at least I know how long it will be.


You also encounter companies who follow the mantra: “we only hire the best and brightest”. With these companies, the support experience you receive as a customer directly reflects what the individual employee believes is the best way of doing something. What lacks here is that the best way may not be the best experience for you the customer but simply the most logical 7,300 step process. There is a scene in Love Actually where Alan Rickman’s character is purchasing a necklace and the salesman played by Rowan Atkinson performs an elaborate gift wrapping process which results in a exquisitely wrapped gift, but takes seemingly forever.


At Fuze, we do this a little differently. We focus on employee engagement along with customer engagement. When we hire a new support engineer, we look for individuals who are both curious and have a high EQ. This results in better customer empathy and focus. We want our support experience to continuously improve and for our customers to feel cared for. Whenever we introduce a change to a process or a new product, we ask ourselves what is the impact to our customers and what is the impact to our employees.


Yes, we have processes—our customers deserve to know what to expect when they need help. Yes, we hire bright people—we want individuals on our teams who know how to identify improvements to how we take care of customers. And most importantly, we want our employees to be proud they work at Fuze. It benefits our customers, it benefits our employees, and it benefits Fuze.


I am proud to work at Fuze. I am proud to work with my colleagues because of how they treat each other and because they truly want to help our customers. We believe that when you have a team who cares about each other and cares about our customers, you have a team that will continue to improve on the customers’ experience.


Fuze was recently recognized by Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for our customer service capability and completion of level I and II recertification. TSIA has over 35,000 global members including Salesforce, Gainsight, Okta, Plantronics, and ServiceNow. Congratulations are in order to the other companies that were recognized for support excellence by TSIA. We’re honored to be included alongside this list!


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Brightcove Inc., CallidusCloud, Corptax Inc., Huawei Technologies, Kaspersky Lab - North America, Lithium Technologies, TeleTracking Technologies, Transcend Insights, Tricentis, and Vital Images.


Adam Fuller
Adam Fuller

Adam is the Director of Operations and Strategy, Worldwide Customer Success and Support at Fuze.

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