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Why Fuzers are Thankful for Remote Work

Remote work means more than working on your couch in your sweatpants. More importantly, remote work empowers employees to choose when, where, and how to work that best fits their lifestyle and working preferences. In fact, remote work policies not only benefit employees, but the company's bottom line, too. We’ve found that flexible work provides a win-win scenario for businesses and employees with benefits including: 

  • Employees get to work anywhere at any time
  • Employees avoid the hassle and expense of commuting
  • Employees are happier and more productive
  • Companies can hire and retain the best talent from anywhere
  • Companies reduce facilities and overhead costs

At Fuze, remote work is encouraged through our Work From Anywhere policy. This is a practice that Fuzers value not only because of the way it strengthens their individuality and ability to find work-life balance, but also their work output productivity. Enabling remote work can offer businesses the opportunity to expand their horizons and build a culture of trust.  

This Thanksgiving, we asked Fuzers to reflect on why they are thankful for remote work:

“As I live and work in a metropolitan area, working remotely has allowed me to spend less time commuting and more productive time with my clients and team. In support of our company's workforce culture, I am able to make better use of technology to learn from and collaborate with colleagues all around the world.” - Tasha Richardson, Regional Sales Manager (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

“I am thankful for remote work because it allows me to be in control of my own schedule. It gives me the flexibility I need to be productive and be with the people I love." - Jose Antonio Rubio Conesa, Software Engineering Manager (Murcia, Spain) 

“Working remote full time has really allowed me to figure out where I want to be, as well as the flexibility at home to make sure my kids are taken care of without burning my work schedule. Since leaving the Seattle office, I've lived in Mesa, AZ; Louisville, KY; and now Las Vegas, NV. Who knows what the future holds!” - Ava Brumfield, Senior Software Engineer (Las Vegas, NV) 

“I'm thankful for remote work because it means I have the flexibility to integrate my life and work into one.” - Karl Tegtmeyer, Global Product Enablement Manager (Seattle, WA) 

“Working remotely is certainly a lot more convenient than trying to fight traffic to commute into the office, and it makes any sort of appointments or stuff I'd need to be home for much more doable than if I had to come into the office every day.” - Kat Lawrence, Associate Project Engineer (Bristol, United Kingdom) 

To learn more about the benefits of remote work, visit https://www.fuze.com/remote-work.

Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli

Alex Campanelli is the content strategist for Fuze.

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