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Why Should You Choose Cloud-based Unified Communications?

July 06, 2015 by

Unified communications provides multiple tools for businesses to improve contact between employees and consumers. Collaboration and discussion has never been easier than with a UC system, either cloud-based or on-premise. However, there are several distinct advantages to opting for the cloud.

1. Less Expensive

As with any new technology, cost plays a large role in the decision-making process. When it comes to choosing an on-premise or cloud service, money is just as important as the program's functionality. UC solutions in the office can be much more expensive than a cloud-based system, TechTarget explained. This is because all of the old PBX equipment needs to be removed before the new infrastructure can be put in. The UC vendor's staff will also need to be paid for installation and you'll have to hire IT employees to manage the system. On the other hand, cloud UC has few initial costs and no extra technology is needed. Everything is hosted with the vendor and Internet provider.

2. Easy to Upgrade

When you install an on-premise system, it will take some time to troubleshoot and any future upgrades will require equipment to be replaced. Cloud-based UC is the opposite. Before any new communications system is put in place, the vendor can test it out and see what's needed, and when it comes to updating software, it's as simple as clicking a button. According to FierceEnterprise Communications, the time to get cloud UC up and running is significantly shorter than for an on-premise system. It may also come with 24/7 calling services that will allow you to contact them should there be any problems.

3. More Interoperability

One of the many benefits of UC solutions is having the ability to work from any device. The practice is not so simple when you have an on-site system, which is tied to specific technologies. Other software may be required to work with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Cloud services are generally accessed from Internet browsers, which makes UC easy to use on any apparatus. You'll be able to transition seamlessly from desktop computers to tablets or cell phones.

4. Better Disaster Recovery

When the power goes out or the Internet goes down, business can come to a halt. You can't get work done if you can't access your files or communication system. Unfortunately, this is a real problem you can run into with on-premise UC solutions. With hosted communications, you have access to all your work files, emails, and phone calls from anywhere. Everything is stored in the cloud and uses an Internet connection, so you'll be able to open them from the coffee shop, the library, or home.

Any type of UC can significantly improve your communications system, but when everything is stored in the cloud, you'll have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want without worrying about losing access.

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