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Why You Should Give Your Employees Flexibility

June 19, 2015 by

Today's society is all about individuality and immediacy. People want items and services when they want them and wherever they are. Your employees are no different. The office setting may be how the business world has always ran, but American workers don't think that's a good excuse for keeping things the same. Instead, they want to be able to customize their work environments to fit their needs. Unified communications can make this flexibility beneficial to both businesses and their staffs.

UCaaS Provides Options

UC solutions come with a plethora of tools that companies can implement to enable their remote and mobile workforce. This offers employees the adaptability they crave. They'll be able to work wherever they desire with a cloud service and a wide range of communication devices.

A cloud service gives them the access to all their work documents from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. This increases collaboration between employees even when they aren't in the office. The cloud provides everyone with the ability to open documents and spreadsheets and communicate and work together with their co-workers in real-time.

Of course, to completely do this, workers need the proper communication tools to stay in touch. Video conferencing, phone calls, instant messaging for business, and email are all possible with UC, Bdaily explained. Employees have a variety of options to choose from. They only have to make their pick to connect with their peers. All of these selections give people the chance to work from home and to communicate even if they're in another country. VoIP reduces the costs for international calls, which allows you to do business overseas.

There are also benefits for your local workers and business. They won't have to commute, which gives them more time to take care of their projects and responsibilities. If they're not in the office, they also don't need desks or cubicles, which allows your company to put that money toward other aspects of the business.

UC Benefits Employers

When your employees have the flexibility of working at home, their productivity significantly increases. According to Bdaily, people who work from home put in an additional 150 hours per year. If just 12 employees in your company do this, they would complete the work of another full-time employee.

Unfortunately, the traditional office setting doesn't work for everyone. It may come with myriad distractions, including other coworkers, additional tasks, and politics. However, these interruptions don't happen while working from home. In a survey from FlexJobs, approximately 54 percent of participants would choose their houses over the workplace and 61 percent felt they'd be more productive at home without the office politics.

Some employees would even forgo benefits and take pay cuts to have flexible work options. Approximately 20 percent of respondents would be happy with 10 percent salary reduction if they could work from home, while another 22 percent would give up health benefits. Nearly 18 percent would also be willing to work longer.

Companies would benefit greatly from offering their employees work-from-home options. They'd not only get to save money, but they'd increase efficiency and staff satisfaction. UC solutions provide the tools to make this happen.

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