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Easily schedule Fuze meetings via Microsoft Outlook

If you like to Fuze from a Windows computer, and you like to schedule meetings from Outlook, check out our new Fuze Outlook Plugin. This latest version works with Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 from any Windows machine.

Have an older version of the plug-in installed? You should definitely upgrade. The current version has simpler workflows and improved features including the ability to:

  • Schedule a Fuze meeting from either the main Outlook window or the meeting details view
  • Turn existing Outlook meetings into Fuze Meetings
  • Start an ad hoc meeting from within Outlook via the new "Meet Now" function
  • Get an in-app courtesy notice of Fuze meeting schedule conflicts, and start any of these meetings with a click
  • Easily update scheduling or cancel a given Fuze meeting
  • Access Fuze Global Meeting Preferences and Host Delegation settings from the plug-in

Download Fuze Outlook Plugin


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