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How to Have the Most Productive Work Day

February 24, 2020 by Alex Campanelli

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A day in the life of the modern worker is filled with spontaneity, distributed colleagues, and shifting priorities. But hyper-connected work environments that allow the workforce to communicate in real-time can come with interruptions. While this is the new normal at work, technology can elevate a fast-paced, yet productive day no matter how busy your calendar looks. 


Unified communications and collaboration tools offer seamless experiences that skyrocket productivity for the modern workforce. When IT leaders invest in collaboration tools, employees can focus more on getting their work done and spend less time on figuring out the best way to keep their teams in the loop. 


A busy day doesn’t mean a wasted day 

Whether you’re up before the sun to get in a workout before signing on, or you’re on-the-go with an early flight to your next business trip, take a moment to look at your calendar and plan ahead. This simple review of your to-do list can jump start your attitude to tackle the day’s meetings and deliverables. Being mindful of your priorities for the day can also help you find the quiet spaces amidst the chaos where you can get your best work done. 


From mobile phones to laptops, the modern worker has the power to choose their most productive devices for streamlining work. By ensuring that you use the device that best fits your communication preferences, you can confidently use technology to collaborate with your teams, partners, or customers throughout the day. In fact, Fuze finds that 75% of knowledge-based work is being completed by distributed, virtual teams, making technology a critical bridge to ease the distance between distributed colleagues. 


Productivity in the face of travel, meetings and remote work

Here's what a schedule can look like during an on-the-go day: 


6 AM: Up in the air

Travel is inevitable, and while sitting back to relax on a flight is something everyone enjoys, sometimes work can’t be put on hold. Embrace the steady increase of the mobile workforce and use your smartphone to stay connected while in-flight. This can ensure you don’t lose a second of productivity answering emails, catching up in chat, or getting some personal work completed. 


10 AM: Morning meetings

The phone rings. Thanks to on-screen detail about who’s calling, you know it can wait and you can focus on the meeting’s agenda. We’ve found that 67% of meetings are unproductive, but seamless collaboration means that more things can get done altogether, thus more people can be engaged at once.


12 PM: Off to lunch 

You can feel confident in running to your favorite spot down the street with your phone as your primary working device - just in case you need to hop on the phone or respond to an urgent chat. 


1 PM: Maintenance going on in your apartment

According to our research, 79% of workers have a desire to work remotely in some capacity during their work week. Communication and collaboration tools are built to ensure that when life calls and you have to finish the work day in your home office, there is no need to worry that productivity will suffer.  


2 PM: The mid-afternoon slump

We found that 63% of the U.S. workforce believes the use of multiple screens improves productivity. With the freedom to move across devices, you are not only prepared for unplanned changes, but can also change up the scenery to keep focus throughout the day. 


3PM: Afternoon all-hands meeting 

When leading a large conference call, practice enforcing video-first meetings to keep all participants engaged. For example, video and screen share meetings support employee engagement and meeting efficacy by reducing the opportunity for multitasking. When users include a visual element, attendees stay connected for 87% of the meeting. Without a screen share, they only remain connected for 75% of the meeting. 


5 PM: Your to-do list is complete 

A productive day has come to an end. The right technology will help you focus on the task at hand, making work more meaningful as you transition from task to task. 


When it comes to welcoming new tools for better communication at work, it's time to invest in productivity. A world enabled by technology — not stunted by it — creates workflow that is proactive, personal and productive. To learn more about workforce productivity, click here.   

Alex Campanelli
Alex Campanelli

Alex is the Content Strategist at Fuze, responsible for helping set the company’s content strategy and creating various forms of content that engage our audience. 

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