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Ask the Fuzer: Technology Q&A Across the Organization

March 02, 2020 by Alex Campanelli

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From desktop-free offices to informal co-working spaces, the modern workplace looks drastically different than it did ten years ago. What was once a place defined by where you work is now a simple question of how you work. In some cases, workers are not even present in a physical space together. As the office of the future evolves to meet the needs of the new workforce, the traditional "desk" is also transforming. 


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The fundamental shift in how employees interact and who they interact with to get work done, is the single biggest impact to the modern workforce. In 2020, the workforce spans four generations, making some Gen Zers and Baby Boomers co-workers. While many have preconceived ideas about how employees work and are most productive based on generation, we see a multi-generational workforce as an opportunity to grow and diversify an organization’s roles. 


Because the technology that catapulted the future of work into reality is now the backbone of every worker, there is one thing all of our workers have in common: a platform of unified communications tools to collaborate and remain productive regardless of generational misconceptions or job roles.


So, we asked Fuzers — across a span of different job roles: How does technology fuel your work day?


“As a recruiter, I use technology in a variety of different ways to help streamline the interview process and enhance candidate experience. Websites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor allow me to advertise job opportunities and engage with individuals in my network. Our ATS Greenhouse allows me to easily track and coordinate interviews, while our own platform Fuze makes it easy for me to communicate with candidates throughout the entire process.” - Kara Moffa, Recruiter


“My day would not be as efficient or interactive without the technology I use. Whether it's my wireless headset for IP phone calls, my camera for my web sharing Fuze meetings, or the systems I use to interact internally and externally, my day is consumed with technological advances. These advances allow me to work from anywhere while feeling like I'm in the same room as my coworkers and customers.” - Melanie Desmarais, Team Lead


“Like most people these days, technology is a natural extension of me on a daily basis. Being 'off the grid' just isn't a reality anymore. Time of day, mode of travel, geography, availability of personal device ....all used to have potential for limiting access or hampering connectedness. Not anymore. And I don't at all regard that as a negative. Truth is, tech is the lifeblood that optimizes interactions with my co-workers, business associates, family members, and friends. At Fuze, we not only understand this, we make it our mission to create software that empowers people to interact without restriction.” - Chris Conry, CIO 


Technology has an impact on every employee’s day-to-day work. And when it is embraced across an organization, the workforce becomes a stronger, more connected unit. To learn more about the modern workforce, visit

Alex Campanelli
Alex Campanelli

Alex is the Content Strategist at Fuze, responsible for helping set the company’s content strategy and creating various forms of content that engage our audience. 

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