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Your Fuze Notes Experience Just Got Better

August 13, 2015 by

There are 25 million meetings per day in the U.S. That’s a whole lotta meetings! And we all know what goes hand in hand with meetings: notes. Raise your hand if you have a hard time keeping track of all the notes you take during meetings. You probably have a plethora of electronic notes in a variety of applications. Or they may be gathering dust somewhere in a physical notebook (remember those?). There’s a good chance your notes aren’t that useful because they are so difficult to organize. Good news! The new Fuze Notes can help make your meeting life much more efficient.

A more intuitive note-taking experience. We recently had an application update and you’ll notice that the Fuze Meeting Notes icon is now more prominently displayed on the bottom menu bar. Notes will open up on the right-hand side of your meeting pane, allowing you to view content and Notes side-by-side. Depending on your preference, you can increase and decrease the window pane size during your Fuze. Want even more room? You can even undock your Note completely to allow for maximum space while a screen or content is being shared.

Fuze Notes

And no boring text-only formatting here. Be sure to check out your Notes menu bar, including the drop down “More” menu. Gussy up your Notes with the additional typeface, font, color and bulleting options we now have available – you even have the option of writing in different code languages. Give your to-do list a boost: use our check boxes to keep track of your tasks and to indicate when they’re completed.

Make it a group effort. Take notes with the other participants during a meeting with real-time co-editing! You’ll be able to see where your teammates’ cursors are so you can collaborate simultaneously and share the minutes-taking workload during your Fuze. Remote workers will feel even more connected and engaged during your meeting – just like they are in the conference room with you.

fuze notes

Make it a habit. Notes are automatically saved (we thought you could use one less thing to worry about). Today, post-meeting, easily access your Note by reopening your Fuze meeting, at any time. This feature is especially helpful for recurring meetings: keep on top of your agenda, to-do list and past meeting minutes. And best of all, you’ll keep your meeting content and Notes all in one place. Very soon, we'll make it even easier to access and share your Notes and to-do items outside of a meeting. Convenient, huh? Now get out there and Fuze so you can try it out for yourself.

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