Calling Features

Global Voice



Start a conference call by adding participants to your call on Fuze Desktop.


Built on an intelligent, high-definition cloud voice architecture, Fuze powers a high-quality, secure, and reliable experience. The Fuze calling experience is supported on any device, powered by one single, global carrier network.


Powering HD quality voice

The Fuze platform is deployed with redundancy across the globe, providing a high quality voice experience that enterprise companies require to connect their global workforce. Diversity across access points and failover across each global region means that your users always have a strong communications experience regardless of their available connectivity.


Connecting the global enterprise

For companies with a wide-range global footprint, predicting your monthly calling costs can be a challenge. Fuze offers unmetered calling to more than 110 countries with over 50 carrier relationships, powering superior voice quality and uptime in countries that represent 98% of the GDP.


Bring your own carrier (BYOC)

Whether it’s a phased migration, a long-term relationship or contract with an existing carrier, or extending coverage to unsupported countries, Fuze understands the need to bring your own carrier. Fuze supports multiple integration types, as well as hybrid approaches – from rerouting existing SBCs, to directly connecting from your carrier to Fuze.

Next-Gen Calling




Turn a voice call into a video call with one click.


Fuze provides the flexibility to move beyond the limitations of a traditional business phone system, delivering an innovative experience with video and screen share directly within a Fuze call.


Turn any call into a video call instantly

Facilitate seamless teamwork with one click to communicate quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re working at the office, from home, or on the go, you can start a video call or seamlessly upgrade your 1:1 calling experience by turning a voice call into a video call with one click.


Share your screen while on a call

Take advantage of the same great collaborative Fuze Meeting experience without the need to transition from a call to a meeting. Make every 1:1 voice call collaborative by easily sharing content or your screen.


Unlock a visual calling experience from any device

Boost worker productivity and improve cross functional engagement by unlocking a visual calling experience that enables richer communication. The software-powered experience is available on Windows, OS X, web, and mobile.



Fuze device

Fuze supports a variety desk phones and headsets to power your calling and meeting experience.


Fuze partners with the leading voice and video hardware providers to give users a rich audio experience for every desk, call center, lobby, meeting space, or while on the move.


Desk phones designed for efficiency and productivity

Poly and Yealink suit power and hot desk users alike, with exceptional voice quality and intuitive, easy-to-use button controls.


Headsets optimized for enterprise voice quality and mobility

Designed for comfort but optimized for busy environments, Jabra, Logitech, and Poly headsets are ideal for those who are on the move between the office, airport, coffee shop, and beyond. These Fuze supported devices deliver noise control, as well as HD audio and voice commands, to provide a truly seamless experience anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


Easily deploy Fuze Rooms with new or existing hardware

Integrate with Poly, Logitech, AVer, Yamama, Nureva, and Samsung Tab or leverage your existing hardware with Telepresence Connect. Fuze Telepresence Connect enables true interoperability between your telepresence, mobile, desktop, tablet and meeting spaces. Fuze Telepresence Connect eliminates the additional log-in needed to access your hardware for a Fuze Rooms meeting.

Connect to Fuze


Connect your way with specialized offerings from Fuze.


Fuze provides the flexibility to support whatever connectivity model you require, even hosting for your equipment and services. Fuze will work with your network team to perform network readiness assessments prior to go-live to ensure an optimal connection between your environment and the Fuze platform for all your sites.


Connectivity your way

With Fuze, you can choose the type of connectivity that is best for your business: Over-the-Top (OTT) internet, enhanced OTT through Internet Peering Exchanges (IX), private connectivity via Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) for MPLS, Cloud Connect through partners like Equinix and EpsilonTel, or private network hosting.



To ensure the highest quality connectivity between your end users and Fuze services, Fuze will work with you to select the right SD-WAN partner for your business, whether its an existing SD-WAN provider, or a Fuze certified provider such as Aryaka, Cato Networks, SilverPeak, and 128 Technologies. Fuze’s SD-WAN certification process ensures that your non-validated provider is configured properly.


Real-Time Network Monitoring

Regardless of the type of connectivity, monitoring the health of the connection from your locations to Fuze is imperative to ensuring the best user experience. Real-Time Network Monitoring (RTNM) monitors the connection between your locations and the Fuze network, providing you with real-time notifications to detect, troubleshoot, and diagnose problems in the network before affecting your users.