This cloud communications 101 can help you understand the major trends around communications and how companies are enabling new and better levels of communication across their workforces and beyond.


What is Cloud Communications?

Cloud communications makes it easier to reliably and visually connect and share information with people inside and outside of an organization, or across the world, across devices, desktops, and meeting rooms. It does so by calling upon a modern cloud communications platform that enables people to collaborate instantly, over voice, video, or messaging, whether in the office or working remotely, across any device.


Driving Benefits Across the Business

Cloud communications delivers numerous benefits:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Reducing costs associated with business travel
  • Avoiding the need to invest in and maintain expensive hardware
  • Refocusing IT resources on new innovations instead of maintenance
  • Enabling faster communication and overall agility
  • Reducing geographic barriers for teams that need to work on projects or specific business processes
  • More easily engaging external constituents, such as business partners and customers
  • Rolling out training virtually to employees in multiple locations


Overcoming Frustrations with Workplace Communications

Businesses need to connect their people no matter where they need to get work done. But today’s modern work environment is marked by constant change and lots of variability, including a mix of remote and on-site personnel; temporary, full-time and contract workers; and people engaging across geographic boundaries and time zones. Combined, these forces often make it challenging for employees to communicate internally with colleagues and externally with customers and partners. Many organizations are realizing that their future success hinges on the ability to enable their connected workforce with a modern approach to business communications.


Designed for the Way People Work

By embracing flexible cloud-based unified communications, organizations are addressing these needs. Through a consistent, high-quality voice, video, and messaging experience across devices – whether one in hand or in the room – cloud communications makes it possible for people to connect anywhere. Simply put, cloud communications:

  • Are designed for the way people work. A secure and reliable global platform that unifies voice, video, and messaging into a single application accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device powers business conversations.
  • Increases efficiency. By combining a simple user experience, intelligent platform, and third-party enterprise integrations, a cloud communications platform enables more efficient communication, enriches every conversation, and drives workforce productivity.
  • Enables a reimagined experience. A user-focused business communications solution drives faster adoption and higher employee engagement, reducing the time to value – and powering the workplace of tomorrow today.

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