Businesses around the globe — you can breathe easier. Move your telephone system to the Cloud and discover the benefits of today’s Internet-based PBX technology.

With the Cloud, there is no expensive hardware to maintain. No phone company technicians. No costly upgrades to meet growth demands.

A cloud PBX phone system lets you keep the features you’re used to such as call transfers, departmental menu options and voicemail, but without the hassles and challenges of housing bulky equipment that constantly needs tweaking and updating on-premise.

Some of the benefits you can expect from a cloud-based PBX phone system:

Cost Savings

It’s been estimated that companies save 40%-80% on their business communication costs by moving to a cloud-based phone system. Hardware maintenance and system modifications can be expensive. And outdated hardware can lead to system interruption and costly outages.

Customization in Real Time

No need to schedule a technician to make a house call when you need to change a greeting or add a new department to the main menu. Web-based administrative tools in Cloud PBX systems allow hands-on management of all features and individual user profiles, creating efficiency within your IT department.

Online Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Most service providers offer 24/7 tech support. Occasional glitches and technical questions can be addressed with a simple phone call or email to a service representative — so your time can be spent on more important tasks.

Software Upgrades are Easy to Implement

As a service provider’s technology advances, so will your system. A simple online update will keep your phone system current without the cost of adding new hardware or replacing outdated equipment.


Growing your business can often bring expensive and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades, especially when multiple locations are involved. Cloud-based phone systems simply need an IP phone and an internet connection — and you’re good to go, simply as that. Whether you have one location or many, it’s easy to adapt your Cloud PBX system to meet the needs of your company.

So there you have it. Cloud PBX will save you time and money, while eliminating the service issues that come with old school telephony hardware.

Embrace the Cloud and experience the best in telephone technology for your business.

 Slightly awkward phrasing here. I would recommend something more natural like:

 Businesses around the globe can breathe easier by moving telephone systems to the cloud and discovering the benefits of today’s internet-based PBX technology. It could be nice to add some detail to support our value drivers  or even personality here. Example:

 So your time can be spent on higher priority IT issues or choosing what to have for lunch (don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

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