Contact Center Features

Agent Access



Agents can take calls, pause/resume queue, see queue stats, and message colleagues directly from Fuze Desktop.


Too often, contact center agents are separated from the rest of the business because they use a different service and application, creating a divide between agents, important knowledge workers, subject matter experts, and the rest of their fellow employees. At Fuze, we recognize that agents require the same access and tools as the rest of your employees.


One unified application

Whether on Fuze Desktop, Fuze Web, or Fuze Mobile, contact center agents utilize a single application for all communications needs. They can take calls from the inbound queue, message a colleague for information, or join a Fuze Meeting with their team. Agents never have to leave the Fuze app.


Get queue visibility

Through the Your Queues tab in Fuze, agents get a quick view of every group to which they are assigned, as well as pertinent information such as Calls Waiting, Active Agents, Average Wait Time, and SLA attainment. This information is prominently displayed to give agents a better understanding of the status of each of their assigned queues.


Queue access go-the-go

With access to queues, agents can quickly sign-in/sign-out, pause/resume (with wrap-up codes), and view queue statistics, all through the mobile app. This provides agents with more flexibility to answer calls how and wherever they want throughout their day.

Supervisors & Managers



Manage queues and agent activity with call monitoring features.


Managing the day-to-day activities of the contact center requires providing supervisors and managers with the tools to view queue and agent activity. This includes managing call flows, IVRs, and agent status, as well as quickly and effectively communicating with individuals both inside and outside of the contact center.


One application to manage queues and activity

With Fuze Contact Center, supervisors no longer need separate applications for managing queues and agent activity, communicating with other people throughout the organization, and even taking queued calls when needed.


Real-time view and control

Directly within the Fuze app, supervisors can see overview metrics of all queues, drill down to individual queue and agent statistics, perform call monitoring, manage agent status and priority, and even pop-out individual queues to create personal wallboards.


Efficient queue management

Ensuring your caller gets to the right agent quickly and efficiently is imperative for first call resolution and higher caller satisfaction. Design calls flow and IVR routing, configure agent access and priority, and take charge of your queues.

CRM & Help Desk Integrations



Fuze integrates with CRMs and Help desk software, like Salesforce, to connect your customer information to calls.


For most contact centers, the pertinent information about your caller is stored in a CRM or helpdesk solution. Accessing this information quickly and accurately can be key to satisfied customers and happier agents.


The applications you use

With pre-built integrations with enterprise-class software like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, and Bullhorn, as well as access to APIs and professional services for custom integrations, the Fuze Integrations Ecosystem can support whatever system you use to store your customer information.


Information your agents need

An integration is only as good as the agent's experience. With Fuze, we focus on creating integrations that present the agent with the pertinent information about the caller, whether that information lives in the CRM or Fuze. Automatically sync all call information, notes, and disposition codes to accounts or cases as calls are completed.


Integrate your homegrown apps

We understand that many enterprises have built custom solutions and connecting with these systems can be imperative for the operation of your contact center. With Fuze APIs, your developers can build their own integrations or work with the Fuze professional services team to create custom workflows.

Data & Analytics



Dive deep into the performance of your call center team with Fuze Discover.


For a contact center, supervisors need visibility into both real-time and historical queue and agent information. Supervisors are presented with pertinent data directly within the Fuze application but the Fuze Data Platform provides supervisors and managers with more comprehensive statistics and trends to effectively manage their contact center and staff.


Access real-time queue information

Fuze View provides a detailed look into all queues managed by a supervisor. Supervisors can access real-time data from the department level down to individual agents statistics and caller information.


Contact center analytics

Fuze Discover provides standard dashboards and data visualization as well as the ability to create custom views and reports. With access to two years of historical data, users can perform deep dive research and trend analysis, as well as schedule and export data for others to view.


Export your data

Fuze Data allows organizations to harness the power of Fuze’s centralized communications data to easily integrate with third-party WEM and BI tools and other line-of-business applications. This provides businesses with the ability to derive even more sophisticated, actionable, and operational insights from existing business intelligence and analytics tools.