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While Boon Edam is a long-established company with traditional values, its commitment to modern, state-of-the-art entry systems is mirrored in its drive to deliver cutting-edge technology to its growing global workforce.


Communication is vital to Boon Edam’s global business, yet the IT and communications infrastructure was fragmented, outdated, and costly to manage. Various different local providers included Broadsoft in the Netherlands, Nortel in the USA, Siemens in Germany and China, and Aastra in Belgium. All of these solutions provided varying features and functionality across the countries and regions the company operates in, creating silos across the organization.


Collaboration across internal and external teams was a major challenge for Boon Edam, and they were looking to empower its globally dispersed workforce with a simpler solution. The existing communication systems weren’t connected, so they lacked a company-wide address book. They also struggled with legacy systems in reception, where the system could not cope with numerous incoming calls or with callers waiting in queues. This left reception staff overwhelmed and had the potential to impact customer service, as issues could not be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.


When its previous contract expired, the team took the opportunity to future-proof its communications system with a move to the cloud. This move would help modernize its approach to working, remove complexity for the workforce and IT staff, and reduce costs by around 30 percent.


“Businesses today need to adapt to meet the preferences, demands, and requirements of their customers and employees. Boon Edam requires a modern working environment where the tools and applications have a flexible and easy-to-use look and feel, empowering the team to work effectively and confidently while providing the best customer service possible.”


Marcel Schilder, Group IT Manager, Boon Edam

Through Fuze, Boon Edam now benefits from high-performance voice and chat capabilities, so the company can have quality conversations with global team members and clients, no matter their locations. It has also enabled the company to remove 90 percent of desk phones. Not only does using mobile and softphones almost exclusively fit into the more flexible requirements and preferences of the workforce, it is also a big part of future-proofing the company.


The platform is used to collaboratively plan revolving door installation projects across various locations, with groups and individuals sharing invaluable resources. In reception, where the previous system was ill-equipped to handle numerous incoming calls and callers waiting in queues, the new platform provides effective ring group, hunt group, and reception functionalities, meaning high-quality customer service is provided to the company’s client base and receptionists are no longer overwhelmed.


The single platform has replaced six on-premises systems, simplifying the infrastructure, and stripping out unnecessary cost accrued from maintaining legacy systems. Complete integration with critical business tools, including Microsoft Office 365, has also streamlined day-to-day processes.


The deal with Fuze has also helped Boon Edam modernize, centralize, and simplify voice costs, adding to the company’s recognition that Fuze is more closely aligned with its future vision to become a future-facing, cloud-first, and innovation-led organization.


After decades of using a traditional phone system, Fuze’s simple and intuitive user interface is allowing teams to adopt and embrace a more modern way of working. In fact, in the countries where the platform is already installed, the workforce reports that it quickly becomes second nature.


A cloud-based approach is best positioned to support Boon Edam’s growth plans, as they look to expand further and wider. Boon Edam has also achieved cost savings as a direct result of implementing the Fuze platform and removing existing, outdated systems.

Platform Characteristics
  • Pure cloud UC solution
  • Integration of communications into a single platform
  • Consistent user experience, regardless of device or location
  • Single, unified, managed solution allowing for rapid activation and easy expansion
  • Ability to scale to thousands of users
  • 24/7 IVR routing for calls across the global organization
  • Global carrier capabilities
  • Reception-friendly features such as ring groups, call-queues, and call-forwarding
Key User Features
  • Unified tools including calling, messaging and audio conferencing
  • Full analytics reporting
  • Global corporate directory
  • Available on multiple devices including desk phones, softphones, and mobile devices



Boon Edam employees can communicate with any colleague, in any location, with ease, using chat or voice. A new global directory, accessible to every worker, on any device, ensures interactions can be initiated in seconds.


As a result of introducing Fuze, Boon Edam has reduced costs by 30 percent through removing maintenance/management of on-premises equipment. This number is expected to increase further once the rollout is complete.


Boon Edam’s workers have embraced a more modern approach to working. Using Fuze, the company can maintain its traditional values while implementing a modern, intuitive, and consumer-like interface to keep up-to-date with the most modern working practices and preferences.