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Modernizing voice communications within a manufacturing and distribution company

Ranked highly as a quick-lube chain, this Fuze customer is one of the leading producers and distributors of automotive chemicals, premium-branded automotive, and various commercial and industrial lubricants. The company is based in the United States and services over 800 locations nationally.


Last year, the company identified the opportunity to update its voice communications systems across its locations including warehouses, blending facilities, office locations, and retail stores. For quite some time, the company was using a managed service provider to support its IT needs including telephony. Their network included multiple disparate phone systems, including a mix of voice over IP and legacy copper lines. Any time they needed to add a new phone or execute a class of service change on a line, someone needed to put in a request to the MSP. He also lacked access to reporting on cost analysis, usage, and general maintenance. This created bottlenecks, wasted time, and lack of visibility.


The company wanted an alternative that would require significantly less work to maintain, more flexibility across the enterprise, and greater visibility into how the platform was working. They explored UCaaS, and discovered the ways in which Fuze could streamline their approach.


“We needed to get a partner that had a similar global footprint as we do. And Fuze, that is the primary thing that you guys had that your competition did not. If I wanted to have a phone system in a few of the countries where I actually have warehouses, they would not be able to accommodate that,” said a company representative.


In 2021, the manufacturing and distribution company began its transition plan to migrate its worksites and locations to the Fuze cloud communications platform. Company team members worked with Fuze to deploy a cross-section of his locations to ensure a successful move, since each site has a different set of requirements.


“I was very impressed with how the Fuze sales team understood our business and how well they listened to our concerns,” added a company’s representative.


For example, for the blending facilities where they blend the oil in packages or drums, safety is of the utmost concern and factory workers need the ability to access a phone quickly to answer a command or unlock a gate while workers are using forklifts. For its corporate offices, the company had Microsoft Teams in place and has begun using the Fuze for Teams integration to streamline the employee experience. In some cases, the company was able to minimize the number of phones/endpoints because employees had gotten used to working without a phone while working remotely during the pandemic. “I really liked Fuze’s interface and that you can do a lot of general maintenance right from the app,” said a company representative. “It gives a sense of stability to your system that you can assure people that we have a good, stable system that is handling our business.”


Increased Control

By consolidating their telecommunications approach to Fuze’s unified cloud communications solution, this manufacturing and distribution company has the ability to control their own implementation, whether it's issuing new phones, changing forwarding, or porting over DIDs.

Enhanced Visibility

Fuze offers greater reporting and visibility so the systems specialist can monitor his usage trends, trunk utilization, performance, customer engagement, and employee adoption through dashboards and visualization.

Enterprise Partner

With Fuze, this company has a global partner who specializes in complex enterprise deployments, assisting throughout the rollout with in-region experts.