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By the Numbers

Founded 2006

Employees 2,000

Worldwide Locations 20+



Founded in 2006, Frank Recruitment Group is a global leader in staffing for IT professionals, operating from over 20 locations worldwide. The company employs 2,000 people across the globe, including a team of specialist recruiters, who are tasked with finding the very best permanent and contract technology talent for SME and enterprise organizations across the world.


Fast growth presented some big challenges for Frank Recruitment Group’s IT team, particularly with its communications infrastructure. Telephony is essential to the business, driving around 60% of interactions between recruitment consultants, candidates, and clients. However, the traditional set-up of multiple, on-premises PBX systems with numerous ISDN lines was complex, costly, and problematic for the IT team to manage and support.


Connectivity was poor and outages could leave the company without the phone for hours. In addition, concurrent calls were often not possible at the volume required, as ISDN channels couldn’t be procured quickly enough from carriers to keep up with demand. Operational costs were high due to charges for every call being made—even internally between offices—and setting up new users was time-consuming and difficult.


For the workforce, the experience was average at best. Employing predominantly millennials, the company recognized the need to bring modern technology to the workplace, offering workers the intuitive experiences they are used to from the apps, software, and systems they used personally every day.


“Our voice communication approach was extremely reactive, with the IT team frantically repairing and upgrading the incumbent platform in an attempt to support business demand. Our telephony set-up simply couldn’t support our existing or future requirements. To expand rapidly and sustain our growth, we had to find a communications partner that would drive our cloud-first strategy and deliver the modern experience our business and workforce demanded.”

Anthony Cummings, Director of Infrastructure and Operations IT, Frank Recruitment Group



In line with Frank Recruitment Group’s cloud-first strategy, Fuze was selected as its communications platform, with complete integration into the company’s critical technology ecosystem of Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Azure and Salesforce.


Fuze brings simplicity and scale to voice communications, with a single cloud platform powering all of the company’s sites around the world. PBX and ISDN technologies have been removed completely, and resources used to configure and maintain the system have been freed up to work on other IT projects. Scaling up the business is easy, as the plug and play nature of the technology means new sites can be up and running in a matter of days following a network readiness test on the internet connection.


Feedback from workers has been incredibly positive. Using Fuze with wireless headsets, around 2,000 users have been enabled with ‘dial tone anytime and on any device’, which is proving invaluable in such a fast-paced industry. Hot desking requires no assistance from IT, meaning that interviews, candidate feedback, and client negotiations can be carried out from any location—so recruiters are no longer tied to their desk to complete a contract or make a hire.


A key feature for recruiters is the ability to coach on calls, from any location. Instead of using physical splitters, team leaders can use Fuze to join and listen to a call to coach new trainees, which is proving invaluable with so many new hires and young graduates joining the business.


Looking ahead, Frank Recruitment Group wants to take advantage of Fuze’s integrated video capabilities to optimize its ability to tap into the increasingly global talent pool, enabling recruiters to manage and guide client and candidate interaction. Fuze Rooms will also allow Frank Recruitment Group to bring together its dispersed teams with large-scale, room-to-room conferencing, replacing multiple collaboration tools.


“Fuze has enabled us to deliver on our vision for the business to expand at a very rapid rate without having to invest in infrastructure and resources. Voice is a critical service, as recruiters build their markets on quality relationships, and Fuze has provided us with a communications backbone that is scalable, reliable and resilient. The complete ease of use has been vital for fast user adoption, delivering greater productivity, and scalability.”

Anthony Cummings, Director of Infrastructure and Operations IT, Frank Recruitment Group


Cost savings

A 46% reduction in costs has been achieved by removing call charges both globally and locally, and a return on investment was achieved just six months after deployment. Further costs have also been avoided by eliminating the need for additional hires to provision, manage, and maintain the rapidly expanding business.

Rapid scaling

Through the ‘office in a box’ model, new sites can be up and running as soon as there is an internet connection, with only a couple of weeks’ notice. New employees are provisioned in minutes, and the intuitive platform ensures that training is minimal — which is vital for a fast-moving business adding hundreds of new hires per year.

Workforce mobility

At any time, from any location, recruiters can use Fuze to connect and build rapport with clients, candidates, and colleagues and carry out their work without having to be at a desk—ensuring complete business continuity, even if they can’t get to the office.

Removing complexity

The cloud-first approach has removed complexity from the communications infrastructure, with one partner to manage all carriers, negotiate the best SLAs, and troubleshoot issues.

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