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By the Numbers

Founded 1985

Number of Employees 6,000+

Number of Global Offices 100

PTC is a global software company that specializes in software that drives industrial innovation, through tools that allow companies to work with computer-assisted design or augmented reality, Internet of Things, product life management, or machine language integration.



PTC used a patchwork of legacy on-premises systems to support their workforce and call centers. “Our global footprint was like a yard sale,” said Jason Mahoney, Principal Technology Analyst at PTC. “We had every different type of telephony system out there.” PTC wanted to standardize their system but hadn’t found a single service or tool that would give them everything they needed on a global scale.


Dealing with different providers meant every location also needed a local support team. Hiring that regional team introduced language barriers and other obstacles to an already challenging situation due to the offices around the world often being in different time zones.


The company also had moved to a cloud-first subscription model for its own products. Mahoney knew he would be asked to present an option for a cloud-based solution, which would demonstrate PTC was fully invested in moving systems to the cloud.


PTC’s search for a tool that would support both the sales team and a new call center led them to Fuze. They decided to start small with a proof-of-concept project in one location, then use that success as a springboard to additional sites.


PTC began with a small effort in their Dublin office, which was moving from an e-suite to a directly leased office that needed to be fully outfitted with infrastructure. The office successfully got up and running on Fuze within one month. The success in Dublin led PTC to additional offices overtime, resulting in a comprehensive corporate deal to replace their phone systems with Fuze’s cloud communications platform.


“Fuze knocked it out of the park. We don’t need a local person on-site to let somebody in or test power and equipment because there is no local equipment. We don’t have to replace aging hardware because there is no aging hardware. Troubleshooting is easier. Administration is easier,”

said Jason Mahoney, Principal Telecommunications Analyst at PTC.



By implementing Fuze, PTC moved from a fractured, on-premises system that required coordination with a variety of different vendors to a cloud communications system that provides seamless support on the back-end. PTC was able to resolve extensive dial plan issues that hindered their sales team, and even helped them do a better job keeping their internal directories up to date.


Now, Fuze supports PTC with a global set of local teams and an overall account management team that outperforms carriers. “Even though you, for all intents and purposes, act as a carrier, you do not treat your customers like a carrier,” Mahoney said. “Your account team does a better job handling us than other carriers or other hardware providers have. When we ask our team to do us a favor, they really go and do us a favor.”


The new system has resulted in a significantly smaller operations budget for PTC, and has also saved a great deal of both Mahoney and other team members’ time. In fact, they’ve gone from needing a specialized workforce able to solve complex on-site problems to no longer needing that level of staffing to run telephony.


The Salesforce connector that works with Fuze has also allowed the sales team, the support team, and the renewals team to seamlessly interface between the two systems. They often set up call lists, and then make notes, write cases, and place calls right from Salesforce. That level of integration makes the teams more efficient and effective.


“There’s a lot of advantages to going from a fixed device you couldn’t take with you when you were working remotely and going to a soft solution. It was a lot easier to deal with. Our travelers and our sales reps received it well, because the legacy systems lacked mobile or tablet-enabled options,”

said Jason Mahoney, Principal Telecommunications Analyst at PTC.


Cost Savings

From savings on international rates and roaming charges when employees are traveling abroad, to saving 25 to 32 percent of their global cost to provide each employee telephony services. In addition, there have been workforce cost savings since Fuze took over all back-end support for their own system.

Remote Flexibility

Whether a local office is closed due to weather, a salesperson forgets their phone charger and has to make calls through their laptop while on the road, or a call center employee in India needs to work from home, Fuze offers cross-platform flexibility that allows users to access the system from the tool they have on hand — whether that’s a desktop phone or computer, their laptop, or a mobile device — wherever they are located.


Whether PTC is opening new offices, moving them, or scaling them up or down, Fuze allows the company to expand and contract how many people are using the platform to meet those ever-shifting needs seamlessly and without requiring adding or retiring hardware or infrastructure.


Fuze integrates with Salesforce and other third-party solutions that many companies already have in place and provides seamless integration that allows employees to do their best, most efficient work.

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