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Read how this healthcare provider leverages Fuze's flexibility for day to day communications that benefit their patients.



Below are the business challenges that AbsoluteCare experienced that led them to evaluate and ultimately choose Fuze:

Had the following challenges:

  • Difficult to manage systems
  • On-premises/legacy/traditional systems
  • Address shift in preference for workforce collaboration tools
  • Unify or bring together a distributed workforce
  • Enable a remote or distributed workforce
  • Security across communications tools
  • Ensure business continuity


Fuze was cloud based, secure, offered an API, and provided the functionality that AbsoluteCare needed to build a successful communication strategy. Call Center, Messaging, Calling, and Meetings were all well integrated and easy to use.

- Chris Becker, Director, AbsoluteCare




Increased productivity

Increased employee engagement

Increased flexibility

Improved ability to work from home

Improve customer experience or satisfaction

Improved security and business continuity