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See how this legal services company uses Fuze to scale amidst high growth.


400+ Number of employees

40+ Number of offices

Based in the U.S., this legal services company offers court reporting, in-person and virtual deposition services, and specialized records retrieval for the U.S. legal community.


Our customer’s previous phone and call center vendor really struggled with uptime. “Phones were down weekly for hours at a time,” said a company IT leader. “It was miserable. It’s no way to conduct business.”

The lack of trust in their vendor drove the organization to look for an alternative. They were entering a period of high growth, expanding into different business units with varied communications requirements, and they had to be able to rely on their phone systems and call center technology.

Our customer’s workforce also spans a wide range of ages, translating into a wide variation in technology fluency. Though there are employees who have been with the company for nearly a quarter-century, there is one company office where the workforce’s average age is 24. This range means some employees are quicker to adopt new technology than others, and the IT team has to take this into account as part of their change management approach.

During the initial implementation process, they also needed to transition more than 200 phone numbers from systems managed through 10 to 12 different vendors, a daunting process that meant it was critical that they pick the right partner to help them manage the transition.


In March 2016, this company chose Fuze as their new cloud communications vendor, and embarked on a new journey. They transitioned half the company to the new system to see how the implementation process would work.

“We had some learning curves,” a company stakeholder said. “But we’re very pleased.”

As a result of the lessons learned during early implementation, our customer has honed their project management process and internal communications protocols, and leveraged Fuze’s training support
to ensure smooth rollouts and adoption. Fuze’s partnership allows them to onboard new employees acquired through acquisitions with the UCaaS platform.

One of the highlights of the relationship with Fuze has been building a training program that gets high marks from employees. Our customer has its own internal training center, but they have adopted a number
of Fuze training methods, which means getting employees up and running on the new system quickly and comfortably.

“We’re able to get what we need, train as we need to, and get more hands on,” said the Director of Network Administration. “We don’t know how many acquisitions we’re going to do, we just know we can do them and there’s no sweat factor.”

Fuze Data has also provided the organization with incredible ease of reporting. Managers can look at relevant data every day without waiting for reports to
be run, and that helps them manage call centers more efficiently. They are also moving toward auto-generation and email delivery of certain reports, which will also help managers across the company become more proactive.

“We’ve seen the evolution of the Fuze product, the evolution of our company, and how those two have grown closer,” the Director of Network Administration said. “It’s been a great process.”

Everybody thinks, ‘Oh, it’s just a telephone.’ Well, it’s a whole communications platform. As we’ve evolved, Fuze has evolved.

- Company VP, Information Technology



As our customer has grown quickly, Fuze has helped them integrate new offices and employees quickly. The speed at which the system can be expanded means fewer siloes across the organization, and more rapid deployment of the system and its benefits to more employees.


Fuze Data allows the organization’s managers to do a better job managing productivity in call centers and offices across the globe, and generate regular, useful reports that allow them to quickly adjust business operations and address challenges as they appear on the horizon—rather than just reacting to problems that have already arisen.


Fuze’s implementation team provides clear and effective training support for new users, which means the company’s employees are up and running on the system faster, and employees company-wide adopt the system easily.