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See how this logistics industry leader uses modern communications and collaboration tools to connect frontline employees


Our customer is rapidly embracing the latest communications technologies to improve driver safety and productivity, while reducing costs.

Prior to using Fuze, our customer managed on- premises and cumbersome telecommunications equipment. The dispatch center agents relied on juggling up to 15 handheld devices with push-to- talk functionality during their shifts to communicate with each of the drivers. The devices were poor quality, leading to ineffective communication between the two groups. This limited them to one-way text chats”, where dispatchers could send questions. Drivers could only reply yes or no – and the company could only hope they weren’t their shifts or vacation schedules.

With the on-premises system, they lacked analytics and reporting. In addition, there were several vulnerabilities on the drivers side that the company was looking to mitigate.

With the old system, our customer was unable to control who the drivers are calling such as non-employees, and they had no way of disabling the communication tool while the drivers were in motion.

"To maintain our competitive edge – and attract and retain the newest generation of workers – we need to provide the most up-to-date tools to our employees. We are ahead of most others in this industry. For example, we’re using tablets vs. paper for our workloads. Now we are taking steps to further improve the experience for our drivers and dispatchers."
- Company Representative


By using Fuze in the cloud deployed to 25,000 end users, this logistics company is transforming how its dispatchers and drivers communicate.

For the drivers, this company can enable mobile communications and collaboration via Samsung tablets, improving the overall employee experience. A speed lock on the tablets automatically prevents drivers from using them once their trucks reach a certain speed, reducing unsafe talking between drivers and dispatchers while trucks are in motion. Using the tablets, drivers can also send photos and full messages back to dispatch in real time to show an issue they are experience at a customer site. In addition, managers are able to see a driver’s status in the presence field, allowing them to communicate safely with the drivers.

For the 24/7 dispatch centers, the use of Fuze has also dramatically improved operations and streamlined communications. The integration between the tablets and the company’s dispatching software enables dispatchers to push customer tickets to drivers so they can easily see all orders with full details – such as the customer’s address and other details – on their route. Dispatchers can use this same functionality to pull tickets back, reassign routes, or reroute calls to another dispatch center if there are any emergencies. Dispatch managers can access real-time and historical data about missed calls, hold times, and peak call times, allowing them to improve staffing. To complement this, company engineers created a wall board allowing dispatch managers to see dispatcher status at a glance.
With Fuze, the company is experiencing increased accountability, transparency, and efficiency across its communications. The data provided by Fuze allows managers to easily check in on how communication is going between the two groups if any issues arise. They are also using Fuze for daily meetings to discuss issues and staffing requirements.

Company Response to COVID-19

In March 2020, the company transitioned over 700 dispatchers to working from home. Since they already had Fuze in place, its workforce seamlessly adapted to working remotely without experiencing issues on the communications side. The dispatch centers were able to continue business as usual, without having to worry about handing off the radios between dispatchers when shifts ended or planning when to charge the devices.

"It was just a blessing in disguise that we had already transitioned to Fuze and that our people were able to take advantage of that,"

- Company Spokesperson


Improved Mobility & Safety

Company technicians are able to safely streamline communications between drivers and dispatch centers. Whether a driver is on their off hours or at a customer site, they can indicate their presence via Fuze with the click of a button. The Fuze app automatically disables when the vehicle is moving 5 mph, ensuring driver safety.

Seamless Transition to Remote Working

Our customer was able to easily transition their dispatchers to working from home when the global pandemic first hit, since they had already adopted Fuze.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Using Fuze, dispatchers and drivers have been able to enjoy one single system for all communications. With the video capabilities of Fuze, drivers will be able to coach remote maintenance technicians through issues they are experiencing with their trucks instead of trying to describe issues via the phone. This will enable technicians to troubleshoot from afar, leading to increased efficiency.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

By consolidating systems, our customer was able to reduce complexity and costs by moving its communications to the cloud, eliminating the need for multiple devices.