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Ensuring streamlined communications and platform management on the heels of an acquisition

By the Numbers

Years in business 40+

Number of employees 450+

Retail and office locations 30+



This retail customer originally selected Fuze for its cloud communications platform in 2017. When it acquired another brand, its IT team did an assessment to determine the best course of action in integrating the newer employees with the overall company. During their assessment, they learned that the company had been using multiple communication providers and experiencing subpar service. As a result, many employees resulted to using their personal mobile phones because they couldn’t rely on their office desk phones.

"We wanted all employees on the same communications platform for consistency and to ” realize economies of scale when it comes to budget."

- Company Representative



As far this retailer was concerned, there was no need to consider another platform: Fuze had worked well for the company from the start. Clear in its decision, our customer moved forward with switching employees from its newly acquired company over to Fuze for its cloud communications.

It was easy to port the employees over to the Fuze platform. Fuze worked closely with the IT team around placing the phone order, porting of lines, and designing a call flow for the main phone number. When the IT team headed to the new company’s offices on the West Coast for the go live, 99% of the preparation was done. Then it was a matter of conducting network testing with Fuze.

As one company representative described, there was no worrying about which phone went where. The IT staff visited each desk, plugged in the phone, and let it boot up. Once they knew they were set based on network testing, they entered activation codes on each of the phones. Ensuring phones were working properly was simply a matter of calling an extension from within the building.

Though our customer had to move the go-live date numerous times due to extenuating circumstances, Fuze was incredibly flexible and responsive. According to our customer, the project group at Fuze was phenomenal. The team even obtained a range of DIDs at the last minute because our customer couldn’t port over its old ones in time.

Our customer’s IT team informed its employees that they were being migrated to Fuze as their new phone and meeting platform. The employees were thrilled to be moved to a new phone system. They were also able to keep their previous phone numbers, helping maintain employee productivity and platform usage. The IT team also held training classes, using Fuze for the meetings.

These combined factors yielded a very positive response from all employees. Having everyone on the same communications platform eases connections between the two businesses and their separate buildings. It’s just a matter of dialing the last four digits of an extension, and people are instantly connected.

While the Fuze platform simplifies communications for the company’s employees, it also simplifies things from an IT support and management perspective. The IT department can support one platform more easily than multiple platforms, since they manage a single contract and vendor for all communications needs.

"This project was incredibly successful because of the Fuze team and Fuze’s corporate outlook of making projects successful."

- Company Representative


Confident budgeting

Staying with Fuze enabled the same cost structure across both companies, making it easy to project monthly bills.

Streamlined communication and collaboration

All employees can access the same communications tools, no matter their location (headquarters, a regional office or remote locations).


With Fuze, employees were able to be productive from the start by having access to communications through a single platform, while keeping their old phone number. Our customer’s IT team manages a single contract and vendor for all communications needs.