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How a major wholesale clothing distributor leverages Fuze to increase efficiency


500 Number of employees

7 Number of Offices

Our customer is one of the largest US-based manufacturers of wholesale apparel. They provide blank garments to decorators, promotional distributors, and brands all over the world and employ 500 people across seven offices.


This retailer was struggling with their legacy on-premises phone system, which constantly rebooted, causing downtime for their customer service team. The on- premises system also could not provide the level of call center functionality the company needed to grow their business.

In addition, our customer lacked a unified meeting system and unified chat functionality, two features that they knew would help increase productivity and efficiency.

Employees were using a variety of different platforms to accomplish these tasks, but there was nothing bringing the entire company together, which resulted in, as the IT Manager described it, “heavily fractured systems communications.”

The clothing distributor began seeking a solution that would unify their workflows and move them to the cloud, creating a streamlined experience for everyone across the organization.

"Fuze brought everything together. It’s one of the few that offered everything. Everyone has appreciated that we all have one platform...we can function and talk as a company." - Company IT Manager


Once the distributor selected Fuze, the Fuze deployment team worked quickly to get the company up and running smoothly. The IT Manager said the deployment team asked all the right questions so they were able to migrate the on-premises system to the cloud without any hiccups.

“Discovery is huge. Asking the right questions is a big deal,” the IT Manager said. “You can imagine how much work Fuze put into it so this company was able to transition from this ancient, barely-documented, on-premises system to the cloud system.”

On-site support ensured employees were also able to transition seamlessly. “The trainer we had on site was probably the best trainer I ever saw in my life,” the IT Manager said. “She could answer anything, and she was totally unflappable.”
As the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting the US, our customer had to shut down their offices and send most of their employees to work from home. They reopened their manufacturing facilities quickly to begin producing masks, but 90 percent of their employees continued working from home.

Our customer had already asked employees to use the Fuze app for voice calls and other communication, so when the team was sent home, they were already well-versed in how to use the system from anywhere, thanks to the company’s efforts to prepare employees for flexible work.

“I always figured someday we were going to transition to a work-from-home company because we’re growing so fast. I’ve always had the idea in mind that they need to be familiar with how to use a headset and everything else,” the IT Manager said. “People were literally able to pick up their headsets, go home, plug back in, put their headsets back on, and have Fuze work without any issues.”

The product was easy to deploy, for sure. The Fuze staff were here for a week, and that made this a very smooth technical cut-over. The trainer we had on site was ”probably the best trainer I ever saw in my life.

- Company Team Member


Cost Savings

By moving away from desk phones to a softphone solution with headsets, our customer has cut their hardware costs in half, while adding flexibility for users who don’t want to be tied to their desk for calls.

Remote Flexibility

Whether during normal business operations or circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic, our customer has been able to support employees working flexibly from anywhere, thanks to a move to using the Fuze app with headsets as their primary way of working.


As the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting the United States, our customer began producing face masks. They saw a dramatic increase in sales across their business lines including their athletic apparel. Fuze allowed them to handle the increased traffic and thrive as they pivoted to meet the new set of customer needs.