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Leading European Provider of B2B Digital Infrastructure Services



Eurofiber is the largest provider of open networks in the Benelux region with more than 38,000 kilometers of network across the Netherlands. Prior to using Fuze, each business unit across the company had its own type of telephony or communications infrastructure, leading to a complex set of disparate systems that were difficult to manage, minimal visibility into basic reporting, and issues with platform reliability. In addition, there was no option for an easy integration with Salesforce. The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Fuze:


Had the following challenges:


  • Difficult to manage systems
  • On-premises/legacy/traditional systems
  • Disparate communications solutions
  • Address shift in preference for workforce collaboration tools
  • Unify or bring together a distributed workforce


We were looking for a sophisticated, centrally-managed, modern, reliable, and user-friendly communications platform and Fuze fit those requirements.


Increased employee engagement

Increased flexibility

Improved ability to work from home

Increased time savings in deploying and/or training employees