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FMC leverages Fuze's flexibility and innovative technology to provide solutions to growers around the world.



Prior to Fuze, FMC had a legacy solution in place for its communications. It carried a high cost any time they wanted to open new offices or expand the business. It was inflexible and created challenges when they wanted to expand or shrink.

The business challenges that led FMC to evaluate and ultimately select Fuze included:

  • On-premises/legacy/traditional systems
  • Costly communications solutions
  • Unify or bring together a distributed workforce
  • Enable a remote or distributed workforce
  • Ensure business continuity



FMC found Fuze's calling and contact center capabilities to be a perfect match with its business. The flexibility of the Fuze platform allowed FMC to quickly grow in different locations and expand the running independent of the world’s region. The Fuze solution provides FMC with the ability to work everywhere without a specific hardware dependency. FMC describes Fuze as a key partner that delivers a fantastic customer experience end-to-end. "The quality of the service is impressive, and you can work everywhere without specific hardware. You can use your cellphone, software, etc.” added FMC’s Regional IT Infrastructure Manager.

Fuze is a key partner to us and delivers a fantastic customer experience end-to-end (starting in the project and then going to the operation). They are always innovating, developing new features, and hearing customer feedback.

- Regional IT Infrastructure Manager


Increased productivity

Increased flexibility

Improved ability to work from home

Reduced cost and complexity

Increased time savings in deploying and/or training employees