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LRS Healthcare

How LRS Healthcare Strengthens Client Relationships Thanks To Fuze

By The Numbers

Founded 2006

Number of Employees 365

Number of Global Offices 3

LRS Healthcare provides medical staffing for facilities nationwide. They vet nursing and allied healthcare professionals to ensure they’re compliant with certification and skills standards and connect those professionals with hospitals that have open roles. They also provide customer service support for traveling healthcare workers in their network while those workers are working at those hospital systems.


When LRS Healthcare CFO Jeff Beckmann came on board at LRS Healthcare three and a half years ago, he recognized a need to upgrade the company’s technology so they could better support candidates and caregivers looking for coast-to-coast roles in hospital systems. Beckmann wanted to create a more mobile, flexible, and seamless customer service experience for both their caregivers and the clients they serve.

LRS Healthcare initially chose a different cloud communications provider and transitioned to their new system, only to find it did not provide the level of connectivity and consistency they needed to provide a solid customer experience. “We struggled with dropped calls,” Beckmann said. “If you made that call and you were in the middle of a conversation where you're trying to prove to someone you're there taking care of them, and all of a sudden they get a dial tone, it's really hard to then earn that person's trust back.”

LRS Healthcare brought in Macronet, a technical consulting firm that partners with Fuze, to help them evaluate their systems and figure out next steps. Macronet suggested Fuze as a solution, and from the very first conversation with Fuze’s team, it was clear they knew just how to address LRS Healthcare’s concerns.

Beckmann admits there was a great deal of internal skepticism that one cloud communications provider could be so different from another. He had made the decision to bring in the option that failed, and he was nervous about trying again with another company. “I didn’t really want to pull the trigger,” he said.

“We were in the market for a true communication system, something that would allow our internal employees, our account managers, our recruiters, our client managers, even our people in back office roles, to be available at the drop of a hat, if a candidate or a client needed something, and to be basically something we could rely on…All of our work is done basically telephonically and through video communications and through our written communications,” said Jeff Beckmann, CFO.


From the very beginning of the partnership, Fuze was clear with LRS Healthcare and the Macronet team about how they would manage implementation. They made the process easy by really owning the work, rather than relying on folks inside LRS Healthcare to drive the initial stages of the project. Fuze responds to customer needs, and that flexibility meant Beckmann and his team felt like aspects of their business that are very specific to them were accommodated by the new platform.

One of the problems the company wanted to solve was an inequity in technology experience. With Fuze, they are able to ensure that whether an employee is in a conference room at the headquarters or working remotely, they still feel good about how the systems are working. “We want to be inclusive for every one of our people,” Beckmann said, “which is internal employees, external employees, customers -- it’s everybody.”

Fuze also came to the table with an implementation plan that included a proof-of-concept stage. That step allowed LRS Healthcare to build confidence that the system would work, and to back up that confidence with metrics that showed the rest of the company the early installation’s success. As the company got used to its new system, Fuze met their needs by adapting the system to their specific requirements. Fuze even tweaked how LRS Healthcare could pull particular metrics in reports, which resulted in better decision making around how to best serve clients and provide that critical support.

“It's really just been a simple process, which is the best thing that could possibly happen for our team as we're so focused on growing internally and focused on the people, both that we have in the building and all around the country,” Beckmann said. “There's a ton of scalability and flexibility with this technology that helps us tremendously.”

Post-implementation survey results show employees are notably more engaged and productive, thanks to the new system, and the company is finding the system easy to manage. They also reported a significant improvement in user experience.

“Because of the pace at which we are growing...flexibility has become kind of the name of the game. The representatives from Fuze that we dealt with picked up on that right away, and they became flexible right along with us. That was crucial -- if the people behind the product are flexible, the product's likely flexible, and now after being on the platform for a while, it is definitely proven to be the truth,” said Jeff Beckmann, CFO.


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Fuze is reliably available and does not drop calls, which is critical when dealing with caregivers who need support at their job locations. This consistency provides a level of confidence in LRS Healthcare that workers did not have in the past, and post-implementation survey results show the system is allowing for notable improvements in employee productivity.

CRM integration

It is imperative that LRS Healthcare client services reps take good notes on each client interaction so there’s a record of engagement with those healthcare workers. Fuze integrates with LRS Healthcare’s CRM, which helps prompt client services workers to leave better notes during and just after calls or meetings with those clients.

Implementation speed

Fuze’s implementation team came to the table with an organized plan that included installing the system on 10 machines to provide proof of concept, including a set of metrics the installation needed to hit to go forward. Once that trial was successful, LRS Healthcare had Fuze rolled out to all employees within 45 days, and the company is reporting notable improvements in how easy it is to manage their unified communications.


Fuze’s platform provides the flexibility to adapt on the fly to meet company needs as LRS Healthcare scales. Whether that’s flexibility in how the system works in conference rooms of different sizes, customized reporting functions, or ability to scale quickly to accommodate more clients and in-house staff, Fuze allows LRS Healthcare to meet shifting technology needs easily and quickly.