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Case Study: PCCA

How PCCA’s Transition To Fuze Supports Business Continuity
Case Study: PCCA

By the Numbers

1981 Founded

350+ Number of Global Employees

3 Number of Global Offices

PCCA provides bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and products for pharmacists who compound individual prescriptions for patients. They also provide education, advocacy, and clinical consulting services, for nearly 4,000 community pharmacists in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries around the world.



PCCA, which is headquartered in Houston, had been relying on an on-premises, legacy communications system to support their call center and other telephony needs for years. The on-premises system left them struggling to maintain business continuity through years of weather incidents like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

In addition, the on-premises system could not be upgraded to incorporate newer technology needs the company had identified over time, particularly for the call center. “All we could do was take calls and make calls,” said Menia Costopoulos, PCCA Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “But in terms of shadowing or recording or chat or meetings, we had to use other systems to do that.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., PCCA realized there was no way their legacy solution would meet the needs of what was now a divided workforce -- their operations and customer service workers were still on-site, but nearly everyone else in the company was unexpectedly working from home. The company began researching cloud-based solutions that would allow them the flexibility to handle everything from sales calls to call center interactions within a unified communications system.

"The fact that I can take this call now on my computer, pick it up on my cell phone , leave this house, and have a seamless transition is huge. You don't have to give your direct cell number to people you meet at trade shows, if you don't want to. You can give them your Fuze number, answer the call on your cell phone, and it all stays within the Fuze application. And I think that's brilliant," said Menia Costopoulos.



After an extensive research process that happened simultaneously with their pivot to manage the pandemic, PCCA selected Fuze as their unified cloud communications solution.

As Fuze stepped in to help PCCA transition, the discovery process extended beyond just the systems themselves. It also looked at the corporate culture and how that factored into implementation. Fuze provided an adoption playbook to guide the process, a resource center for training everyone in the organization to use the system in ways appropriate to their roles, and a communications launch plan framework.

PCCA rolled out the system on June 16, 2021, to nearly three dozen beta testers, and spent the next two weeks testing out the system with that group while communicating with the wider company about what was to come—and how each employee could get the training they needed to use the system effectively from day one.

The company also invested in high-quality new wireless headphones for call center employees, a move that helped with adoption in that group of workers. But almost immediately, call center workers and customers alike reported significantly more clarity on calls. “We thought we could hear people okay. We used to get some complaints from time to time,” Costopolous said. “But I think it’s made us realize—wow—there were probably more people having sound issues, but not saying anything!

In September 2021, Tropical Storm Nicholas swept through Houston, bringing 50 mph winds that knocked out power and dumped water on areas that had faced extensive flooding during Hurricane Harvey’s onslaught in 2017. Many Houston-area PCCA employees worked from home as the storm moved through, and the Fuze system allowed the business to continue without interruption despite the storm.

PCCA also now has access to extensive data and analytics about the call center experience that will help them enhance service.

Do we have enough people answering calls? Are people waiting too long? These are really important, basic customer service questions would take considerable time and resources to answer in the past,” Costopoulos said. “Now, we have access to that information immediately at our fingertips.

Before Fuze, our team could not see on their desktop the number of calls coming in and how long they are waiting. Now that they can easily see this information, our team is fully engaged, wanting to make sure we don't lose any calls. That visibility was key to their awareness.

- Menia Costopoulos, PCCA Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Ease of use

Fuze’s intuitive platform made it easy to manage change across the country. This allowed PCCA to offer Fuze as an option, not a required platform, until their employees actually got to use it for themselves and see how it can help them accomplish their work.

Tremendous call clarity

Calls to and from the Fuze system are clearer than PCCA customers or call center workers have ever experienced. Happy customers have let PCCA know they are noticing and appreciate the difference!

Integrated reporting

Fuze allows PCCA to easily review data from call center activity and quickly address issues that data reveal. The company had no real-time data source to evaluate call center effectiveness; now Fuze has provided that.

Flexible training

Fuze’s training team provides multimodal training with both virtual and in-person sessions, as well as recap videos to review after the training is complete. PCCA’s team members were able to get up to speed on the new system quickly and in the way that made the most sense to them.