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# OF REVIEWS 30 million




Trustpilot is a global online review community, bringing the power of trust and transparency to the Internet economy through more than 30 million reviews of 165,000 businesses. The company empowers consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions, while enabling companies to grow their brands by harnessing the power of consumer reviews.


Trustpilot employs 500 people representing 40 different nationalities and has offices in Copenhagen, London, New York, Denver, Berlin, Melbourne, and Vilnius.


Trustpilot has an ambitious vision, with a drive to deliver transformative business results. The company wanted to stay ahead of the competition by adapting quickly to consumer demands and changing expectations in the market. But it quickly became apparent that its current IT infrastructure could not support its transformation plans.


Trustpilot looked for expertise to help it prepare for the future. The appointment of Heather Jensen as director of internal IT in July 2016 marked a change in the company’s strategy. Jensen brought a clear vision of transforming Trustpilot into a future-looking company with a pure-cloud approach to IT delivery that would underpin the company’s global operation.


Communication forms the lifeblood of Trustpilot’s global business, yet Jensen had inherited a complex and disparate IT and communications infrastructure. As the company had grown, this had become more expensive and difficult to administer, with a different local provider for communications used at each of the six locations, with varying features and functionality.


Downtime was common and the call quality of the legacy PBX solutions was poor and inconsistent across the different sites. The impact on the performance of the sales team was significant, as calls would cut out mid conversation and feedback on the line meant that it was difficult to hear what prospects were saying, resulting in lost sales.


Through Fuze, Trustpilot now benefits from high performance voice capabilities, which is enabling the sales team to have quality conversations with prospects that have boosted conversion levels.


It was vital to empower Trustpilot’s dispersed workforce with a simple, intuitive solution for collaboration and interaction, emulating the effortless technology experience they were used to in their personal lives. At the same time, Trustpilot saw the opportunity to remove complexity and significant cost from the IT function.


“Businesses today need to react rapidly to changing situations, environments and demands from customers and their employees. Trustpilot needed to create an agile IT team that was flexible and empowered to make decisions and act on them quickly.”

Heather Jensen, Director of Internal IT, Trustpilot


The Fuze Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform has integrated all voice, video, messaging, and collaboration for Trustpilot employees worldwide, accessible via a desktop or mobile app.


The solution has replaced six separate on-premise communications systems with a single platform, simplifying the infrastructure and stripping out unnecessary cost accrued from maintaining legacy systems. Complete integration with Salesforce has streamlined the sales process, allowing Trustpilot teams to identify callers, understand their last engagement, and provide context to enhance calls and interactions.


The new deal with Fuze saw Trustpilot discard a previous investment in another vendor’s solution that was never deployed, recognizing that Fuze more closely aligned with its future vision to become a cloud-first, innovation-led organisation.


The Fuze solution is now used by approximately 350 employees across the company to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients and employees have seen a significant improvement in call quality. The benefits have even been realized in locations where employees didn’t think they had a problem, where the introduction of Fuze has demonstrated they were using a poor alternative.


The cloud-based approach supports Trustpilot’s growth plans, as the company continues to expand globally, allowing new sites and new users to be provisioned in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or months. Trustpilot has also achieved an increase in sales revenue as a direct result of a reduction in downtime and centrally-managed IT support via the Fuze platform.


“Fuze is a fundamental part of achieving our goal of creating a flexible IT environment for our employees. It’s had a hugely positive impact on our business through improved sales productivity and revenue growth.”

Heather Jensen, Director of Internal IT, Trustpilot

Platform characteristics
  • Pure cloud UC solution
  • Integration of all communications into a single platform
  • Consistent user experience, regardless of device or location
  • Single, unified, managed solution allowing for rapid activation and easy expansion
  • Ability to scale to thousands of users
  • 24/7 IVR routing for calls across the global company
  • Global carrier capabilities
Key user features
  • Unified tools including VoIP, instant messaging, video, and audio conferencing
  • Modern contact center with intelligent call routing
  • Full analytics reporting
  • Global corporate directory
  • Available on multiple devices including desk phones, soft phones, and mobiles


A unified communication approach

Trustpilot employees can make calls to any colleague across the company with ease—and at a predictable cost. For the first time, Trustpilot has a global, company-wide directory that is accessible to every employee, with the addition of live chat for the first time, as a new feature. Trustpilot now feels and behaves like a unified company.

Increased revenue

Trustpilot has achieved an increase in sales revenue as a result of introducing the Fuze communications process, enabling sales teams to have a consistent call experience when speaking to customers.

Improved call quality

Trustpilot has seen a major improvement in voice calls, with clear lines of communication making customer and colleague interaction clear, simple and productive. Even employees in locations that they didn’t think had a problem immediately saw the increase in quality.

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