Fuze Desktop Supported Headsets

To ensure you have the best experience with Fuze Desktop, we recommend that you use a headset from our supported vendors including Plantronics, Jabra, and Logitech. Learn more about why you should switch from your consumer headphones in this blog article. Please read on for information about headset settings, as well as details about supported devices.

Headset Settings - Fuze Desktop 4.8

The advanced Audio setting that allows Fuze Desktop to capture events from connected headsets (HID integration)​ is turned off by default when you install Fuze Desktop 4.8.

If you want to manually update this setting, simply navigate to the More Options ​ menu and click Settings​. Navigate to the Audio/Video section, and click to toggle the setting on or off. Note: This setting may be enabled by default value in future versions of Fuze Desktop.

Supported Jabra Headsets

  • BIZ 1500
  • Evolve 30 II
  • Evolve 75 USB-BT
  • Evolve 80
  • Evolve 65 USB-BT
  • PRO 930 DUO
  • Speak 510

Supported Logitech Headsets

  • ConferenceCam BCC950
  • ConferenceCam CC3000e
  • ConferenceCam Connect
  • Logitech GROUP Station
  • Logitech USB Headset H570e
  • Logitech USB Headset H650e
  • Logitech Wireless Headset H820e
  • Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e

Future Logitech USB Collaboration devices with call control capabilities

Supported Plantronics

  • BlackWire 5210 (Mac and Windows)
  • Calisto 620 (BT300C-M)
  • C725 (Windows)
  • DA80 USB
  • Voyager 3200 UC USB dongle (Windows)
  • Voyager 5200 UC USB dongle
  • Voyager Focus USB/BT dongle
  • Voyager Legend UC USB dongle
  • Voyager 8200 UC USB dongle
  • Voyager EncorePro 515 USB

Additional Information to Ensure the Best Experience

  • Manufacturer-specific Jabra Direct or Plantronics Hub software must be installed in order to use Jabra or
Plantronics headsets with Fuze Desktop.
  • Logitech devices do not require additional manufacturer-specific software.
  • Currently, only USB headsets are supported.
  • Devices that share a play action with the call button (or multi-purpose button), or advertise themselves as "handsfree" devices, often intended for mobile phones, are not currently supported.
  • Fuze Desktop detects when a device is attached or detached while running.
  • If more than one telephony-based device is attached, Fuze Desktop accepts input from each device and
 syncs LED states across each device.
  • Currently you cannot purchase Logitech devices from Fuze directly.
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