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Fuze for manufacturing

Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation of digital operations. With the advent of Industry 4.0, it is imperative to maintain a competitive edge by introducing new technology to better streamline the operations of your organization, accelerate innovation, and improve customer experience. Companies must adopt new, integrated technology to make better use of information and eliminate inefficiencies caused by gaps or redundancies of business workflows and systems. It is critical for manufacturing organizations to have the ability to produce, distribute, and sell products and services faster.

Maintaining business continuity, reducing operational costs, and having the ability to scale operations are at the core of success in today’s global markets. And, efficient management of supply chains is of the utmost importance. To maximize output and reduce waste, companies must stay in constant communication with customers, suppliers, distributors, field workers, and corporate employees. According to IDC’s COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Survey report, the top focus of manufacturing organizations is “connecting organizations and individuals seamlessly regardless of their location, situation, or context.” Centralized communications should be at the heart of your communications strategy, and Fuze for Manufacturing can help you achieve it.

Fuze for manufacturing

Source - IDC, COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Survey, April 2020

With Fuze we have found a solution that will simplify our global infrastructure, bringing all our communications requirements into a single platform, allowing us to eliminate legacy technology, better support our customers, and critically, drive significant cost out of the business.

Geir-Tore Boteel Global Infrastructure Manager, FLSmidth

Fuze for Manufacturing

With a single app for calling, meetings, messaging, and contact center, your employees can stay productive and connected whether they are in the office, at home, in the factory, or on the road. Fuze supports your entire organization—from your field workers and call center agents to your design engineers and everyone in between.

Building on experience deploying and partnering with large global enterprises, such as FLSmidth and SAS International, Fuze for Manufacturing provides organizations with a tailored solution to meet the specific business needs of the industry. The solution includes international calling, an integrated contact center, audio and video meetings, as well as customized integrations, network monitoring, fax, and metric-driven analytics.

Fuze works hand-in-hand with manufacturing customers to plan, design, and deploy unified communications solutions for corporate and regional offices—with specific care towards the unique requirements of warehouses, factories, and production facilities. This includes configuration of multibase DECT systems, remote gateways, SIP-based paging, analog phones and devices, emergency and man-down solutions, and network monitoring.

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Powering Field Service Technicians and Facility Floor Employees

As the manufacturing industry continues to digitally transform, workers’ needs are evolving in tandem. Now more than ever, field service technicians and factory or facility floor employees are measured on efficiency, accuracy, and performance. As a result, manufacturers are looking to centralize communications solutions to increase productivity and agility, regardless of workers’ locations both on and off-site.

Fuze for Manufacturing Field & Floor offers a cost-effective customized solution catered towards the unique needs of field and floor workers. This solution promotes consistent connectivity whether on the road or on the factory floor, enabling these skilled professionals with the ability to receive remote assistance through a video call or have quick check-ins with team members or management.

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How Can Fuze for Manufacturing Help Your Business?

Ensure Employee Safety

Ensure the safety of your employees by providing them with the tools for flexible work during a pandemic, ensuring connectivity for emergencies (e.g. injuries on the production floor) or alerting others of a potential man-down situation through device sensitivity capabilities.

Increase Efficiency & Communication

Increase the efficiency of your workers on the floor and on the road with an easy-to-use, always-connected mobile app. For those working in corporate offices, improve their productivity by embedding Fuze into their daily workflows and systems.

Improve Customer Service & Support

Whether you’re providing customer service or supporting your internal teams, improve user experience with a contact center that is integrated with a centralized platform for calling, messaging, and meetings, as well as intuitive and customizable workflows introducing a flexible customer service experience.

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Fuze for Manufacturing
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Fuze for Manufacturing
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International Calling
1:1 Video Calling
Meetings with up to 1000 participants
1:1 & Team Messaging
Fuze Contact Center
Fuze Discover Licenses (up to 10 per customer)
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Integrations with ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams
Tailored Services*
Warehouse/Factory Site Design (Small, Medium, Large Facilities), Site Discovery Package, Data & Analytics Package, Specialized Devices Package
*Services are not included in the Fuze for Manufacturing Essentials license & Fuze for Manufacturing with Contact Center license. These services will be scoped based on customer sites and use cases.
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