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Fuze for Professional ServicesDriving productivity to deliver a superior customer experience

Fuze for Professional Services

Professional services companies spend most of their time engaging with clients, aiming to deliver a superior experience. Therefore, these companies need communication tools that enable employees to connect with their customers—on the customers’ terms. Not only do these organizations need solutions to meet the flexibility and mobility needs of both employees and customers, they need a solution that will scale as their business grows, allowing them to future proof their organization. With one application for calling, meeting, and messaging, and integrations with line-of-business applications, Fuze offers the same experience to colleagues in the office, as well as those working from home or on the go. Fuze also contributes to the company’s overall business continuity and success by promoting productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, professional services organizations are often carrying a heavy workload—they need to save time and maximize employee productivity and efficiency. A unified communications solution, like Fuze, allows them to integrate line of business applications into their daily workflows—streamlining the use of applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Bullhorn, and Hubspot. Employees can also log calls automatically in the app to save time on manual tasks, leverage click-to-call functionality, and sync their email, contacts, and calendar through Gmail or Office365. Finally, unified communications solutions allow people managers to effectively manage and coach their direct reports by leveraging analytics for calling, meeting, and messaging metrics, as well as receiving daily reports with these metrics. Using these analytics, they can both advise and optimize their teams’ performance, ultimately creating better business outcomes.

Fuze for Professional Services

With Fuze, it's great to have one app where you can chat, call, or have a meeting. Three critical components, when it comes to communication, all under one app. It's fantastic.

Nadim Hajje VP of Information Technology and Data Analytics, Omega World Travel

Fuze for Recruiting

Fuze for Recruiting is a specialized solution that enables recruiters to spend less time on administrative tasks, while providing an excellent experience to their candidates and clients. Recruiters and account managers can build relationships with their candidates and clients with Fuze calls, meetings, and messages (chat or SMS)—all from one application. By integrating with applications, like Bullhorn and Salesforce, to manage the applicant experience, recruiters are presented with incoming caller information and can take notes after a call to be logged directly in the application to cut down on administrative tasks and focus on what matters—filling jobs quickly.

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Fuze for Accounting

Accountants are often under intense pressure to prepare budgets, forecasts, and financial statements for clients under strict deadlines. In order to facilitate the creation of these reports, accountants first need to collaborate internally to ensure they are delivering high-quality work, and then present the reports to management or their clients. In order to meet these deadlines, cross-functional teams rely on Fuze calling, meetings, and messaging to collaborate with each other and their clients from wherever they are working—in the office, at home, or on the road.

How Can Fuze for Professional Services Help Your Business?

Deliver a superior customer experience

Provide your customers with a great experience with high-quality calls and streamlined call center interactions.

Drive employee productivity

By embedding Fuze into line-of-business applications and workstreams, skilled professionals can cut down on administrative tasks and focus on direct output.

Manage and maintain global, flexible operations

Fuze grows with your business and easily scales up locations or users to align with your business goals. Fuze also gives your employees the flexibility they need to work from any location.

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