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Fuze for RecruitingA specialized solution for in-house recruiting teams and agencies to drive hiring and growth

Fuze for Recruiting

Employment and hiring is at the heart of every economy. If companies cannot hire qualified professionals in a timely manner, businesses will lose out on productivity with associated opportunity costs. Recruiting teams and agencies are critical for hiring employees across all different types of positions—ranging from strategic executive hires to hourly employees, who are the lifeblood of companies. Recruiters must be able to source, recruit, schedule interviews, and negotiate offers across many different roles at a time, all while delivering a positive candidate and client experience. Therefore, it is imperative that recruiters spend less time on administrative work and more time on qualifying candidates, making offers, and beginning the onboarding process.

As many companies begin to embrace hybrid work following the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that hiring will follow this same sort of model with a combination of virtual and in-person interviews. To support the virtual hiring process, agencies and recruiting teams need collaboration tools in place to effectively evaluate a candidate and recreate that in-person interview experience.

Fuze for Recruiting

Fuze has enabled us to deliver on our vision for the business to expand at a very rapid rate without having to invest in infrastructure and resources. Voice is a critical service, as recruiters build their markets on quality relationships, and Fuze has provided us with a communications backbone that is scalable, reliable and resilient. The complete ease of use has been vital for fast user adoption, delivering greater productivity, and scalability.

Anthony Cummings Director of Infrastructure and Operations IT, Frank Recruitment Group

Fuze for Recruiting

Fuze for Recruiting is a specialized solution that enables recruiters to spend less time on administrative tasks, while providing an excellent experience to their candidates and clients. Recruiters and account managers are able to build relationships with their candidates and clients with Fuze calls, meetings, and messages (chat or SMS)—all from one application. By integrating with applications, like Bullhorn and Salesforce, to manage the applicant experience, recruiters are presented with incoming caller information and can take notes after a call to be logged directly in the application to cut down on administrative tasks and focus on what matters—filling jobs quickly.

How Can Fuze for Recruiting Help Your Business?

Increase productivity & drive efficiency

Cut down on administrative tasks with Fuze integrations with applications, like Bullhorn, and focus on what matters most—making placements.

Provide a great candidate & client experience

Provide a superior experience to both candidates and clients alike by communicating with them on their own terms. Make your company the agency of choice.

Streamline employee onboarding & coaching

In high turnover businesses, like recruiting agencies, quickly onboarding new employees onto new systems, getting insight into their call and meeting metrics, and listening in on their calls for coaching opportunities is necessary to increase an employee’s time-to-productivity.

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Bullhorn Together, Fuze and Bullhorn empower recruiters and account managers to do their best work

By integrating Fuze and Bullhorn, recruiters and account managers can get easy access to candidate and client information when they need it, cut down on administrative tasks like logging call notes and seamlessly call candidates directly from the Bullhorn application.

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Bundles starting at $45/User/Month
Recruiting Essentials
Recruiting Contact Center
National Calling
Meetings with up to 1000 participants
1:1 & Team Messaging
SMS (North America, United Kingdom*, France*, Australia*)
Contact Center
Integrations with Bullhorn, Salesforce, Teams, Zoom
Fuze Discover (BI & Advanced Analytics) with up to 10 Licenses (Per Customer)
*International SMS will be available as an add-on in the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.
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