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Fuze Integrations Ecosystem

Power productivity in the enterprise

Time is the most valuable asset. The less time employees spend manually syncing data, performing administrative tasks, and navigating between applications, the more time they get back to spend on what really matters— getting their work done. Fuze provides a suite of integrations connecting to the most popular applications, as well as APIs and custom solutions, seamlessly incorporating Fuze into the everyday workflows of your organization.

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Built for
your users
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Tailored for
you business
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Enterprise quality,
scalability and stability
Built for your users

Built for your users

Simplify the user experience while accelerating cross-platform productivity. Fuze integrates with the applications your users are already using, like Office 365, GSuite, Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zendesk, eliminating the need to toggle between applications and Fuze. Make Fuze calls, start and schedule Fuze Meetings, get caller information, log call notes and more— without ever leaving your business applications.

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Tailored for your business

Tailored for your business

Embed Fuze even deeper into the daily operations of employees and organizational workflows with APIs, pre-built integrations, and custom solutions. Fuze integrates with existing management tools to access communications data, and automate and streamline operations.

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Enterprise quality, scalability, and stability

Enterprise quality, scalability, and stability

By focusing on building integrations that power productivity in the enterprise, Fuze ensures enterprise grade security, performance capacity, and high bandwidth. Fuze integrations meet the standard that enterprise companies have come to expect, as well as the standards set forth by the companies we integrate with.

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Every business environment is unique. Sometimes you have to get creative to incorporate workflows with your technical environment. Fuze resources can work with you to scope and build custom solutions to integrate into your processes, applications, or homegrown solutions.

  • The Fuze sales team will work with you to access your needs and requirements.
  • Fuze will then verify the engagement, review documents, create a Statement of Work, and begin building the solution.
  • Customers can test the custom solution in a trial period and confirm the requirements are met.
Note: Building and tailoring will have a fixed price, while supporting the custom solution by the solution architecture team is priced hourly.

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