Fuze Adoption Playbook:
Best Practices for Driving End User Adoption

In the business world, changes are often seen as a way to create competitive advantages, enabling the business to leverage technology and innovation to drive improvements and, ultimately, facilitate success. In a recent survey, 76% of IT leaders stated that they believe the success of new technology depends on end user satisfaction.

So, how can you ensure successful adoption with new tools?

The Fuze Adoption Playbook was created to share our best practices for those with a vested interest in driving adoption and effective lasting change throughout their migration to Fuze and beyond. This next-gen resource include helpful tips, checklists, and templates to organize your team internally and effectively roll out the Fuze platform to your organization.

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Get Started on Your Adoption Journey

  • Enable

    Empower your teams to easily integrate Fuze in their day-to-day workflow and processes.

  • Launch

    Introduce tailored onboarding to help end users begin to utilize Fuze.

  • s
  • Nurture

    Once Fuze has launched at your organization, continually set goals, create plans, run adoption programs, monitor usage, and optimize on initiatives to maximize adoption across your user base and drive employee engagement and productivity.

“Employee adoption remains the most difficult hurdle for enterprises making the move to fully digital communications and collaboration platforms. By establishing a comprehensive approach to adoption, Fuze is lowering the barriers to entry through a prescriptive onboarding and implementation process that will set organizations up for long-term success.”
- Elka Popova, Vice President, Information and Communications Technologies, Frost & Sullivan

Plan for Adoption Before You Buy

To deliver ROI and all of the potential organizational benefits, UCaaS solutions must be universally adopted across your organization. Unlike many other types of IT services, UCaaS deployments require that the buying committee include a strong adoption strategy from the earliest days of the purchase process. And a key element of that process is to focus on vendors that will work with you to ensure adoption.

Identify Your Key Stakeholders

It’s also important that business leaders and executives assist in the effort to drive user adoption. UCaaS is not a solution that can be effectively scoped or determined by IT alone, and the business leaders need to see the solution’s value, so they’ll become internal champions. Their support is essential because the successful deployment of UCaaS, with full and enthusiastic adoption, depends on the organization embracing the rollout in much the same way that it would support the launch of a new product.

“At Micro Focus, we knew we needed a UCaaS solution that would not only take the place of our multiple existing technologies, but that would align with the needs and strengths of our workforce. We needed a comprehensive change management plan to deploy a solution across our business, and the Fuze team worked seamlessly with our own company leadership to ensure our employees were bought-in and excited about the modernization of our communications technology.”

- D. SKye Hodges, IT Technician, Micro Focus

“Fuze understands that as an enterprise business, replacing a communications system is complex. It’s not just replacing phones on desks. Fuze took the approach of trying to understand our business and making sure that the Fuze solution was a good fit for us.”

- Michele Buschman, VP, Information Services, American Pacific Mortgage

"Technology success is dependent on user adoption, so involving our employees in the decision-making process was critical to us. Fuze was the clear choice, with features that matched the way our people want to work.”

- Marcel Schilder, Group IT Manager, Boon Edam