How CIOs are Shaping
the Future of Work

This just-released report presents a vision of the future of work through the lens of today’s forward-thinking IT leaders, drawing on global research from 900 IT leaders, 6,600 workers and 3,300 future workers from the app generation.

This research explores key areas of change in the world and the influence of new technologies. Breaking Barriers 2020 also examines how today’s IT leaders are breaking free from the constraints of day-to-day operations, presenting insights from those who are already driving meaningful change around the globe.


Research Highlights

  • How to break out of a custodian IT role and expand your influence on the business
  • Lessons learned from IT leaders already responding to the evolving communication needs of their companies
  • Why the “app generation” is poised to accelerate disruption, and how you can leverage that phenomenon

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